ALS Auction Cabinet

Team Lovely tackled another piece of furniture for the ALS Auction this weekend in Duluth. We found this beauty at the GW for 30.00.
Over the past two weeks we have been tag teaming this piece and this morning hauled it up from the basement so I could share the result...
 A sweet little buffet.

I am in charge of the design, painting, staining and the finishing work. Henry is in charge of the power tools and construction. 

Here are some images of the process.

Henry cut out all of the door inserts
 Sanded the entire piece
and because I wanted to use these fence post toppers as legs...
 he built a base in the bottom of the cabinet.
My turn. Of course, I don't have any pics of myself with a staining rag in one hand and the camera in the other.
And back to Henry for the finishing touch.
The Stats:
Cabinet: 30.00
Legs (Fence Post Toppers): 10.00 for 4
Knobs: 4.50 for 2
Chicken Wire: 14.00 (we got a huge roll so we have tons left for future projects:)

Total: 58.50
If I was the kind of person with really cute shoes I would stick this cabinet in my bedroom as a display case. Like the the one seen here.
 We already owned the paint, stain and finishing wax.

ALS Auction: Duluth
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I love a contest!


  1. LOVE IT !!!! Great design, color, love those doors. I am inspired. I am going to pin this :)

  2. You never cease to amaze me. I'd love to be at the auction and hope it brings a great price.

  3. Nikki and Henry, what a grand improvement! It should bring a pretty price and thank you for supporting the ALS Association. Of course I love the Danish dishes touch on the top!

  4. That is beautiful! I love the blue inside. Gorgeous!

  5. I'm about to redo my first ever piece of furniture - a nightstand. It's the same type of wood as your cabinet and I want to do pretty much the same color you did. What type of paint did you use, and what finishing wax? I love the idea of the fence post toppers as feet - that's the one thing I didn't like about this nightstand I bought. New feet coming up.....

    1. Hi Karin!
      The gray is called Shutter Gray by Sherwin Williams. I added grout to it to give it a flatter, more vintagy look...I wouldn't recommend it:) The wax is MinWax (Home Depot), which I only used on the stained top. The inside is a blue gray that I mixed up myself with leftover paint in our basement. Pick colors you love and I am sure you nightstand will turn out great!


  6. Great overhaul. The finished designs are so different from the originals that it would be hard to recognize the original piece and what's more, the finished designs are definite upgrades from the originals. Lots of work and creativity and excellent outcomes. :-)

  7. Amazing transformation! You had real vision to see how to bring that ugly cabinet into a whole new life as a beautiful piece! great job to both of you ;) Little Bit from www.DecorateWithaLittleBit.com

  8. I love this cabinet. I know exactly where I would put this in my house :) I love the color inside, too. Great job. ~Linda

  9. Just saw this entry on CWTS! Great transformation! I just picked up a piece this week that will eventually get paint and chicken wire--I just LOVE that look! Good luck!

  10. That turned out super sweet! I love the interior color.

  11. I love this! I just need to convince my husband to help me make it.

  12. love your redo, the cabinet looks great. i would love to feature it, if that would be ok please let me know,

  13. Fabulous. I just purchased a plain cheapo bookshelf and your cabinet gave me an idea of what I can do with it. Thanks.

  14. Removing the 'carved' sections of the doors was inspired, as was inserting the chicken wire for the vintage feel! I saw a similar cabinet at our local 'second hand' store for under $20.00 but I didn't even think of adding feet for additional height! Going back today and see if I can snag it! Beautiful color combination and excellent repurposing.

  15. Please share the wire gauge. It is hard to tell online which size works best. Thank you!

  16. Love this!!! I've seen several pieces like this but they made with some sort of plastic veneers. I was wondering if this one was like that or was it solid wood? I would love to know! Thanks in advance!!!

  17. This is beautiful! Can I ask if you painted the chicken wire, or left it silver? It's hard to tell from the photo.

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