Homemade Dash & Albert Rug

I was drooling over the colorful Dash and Albert Rugs to go with my new aqua blue chandelier.
Dash and Albert Photo
A lovely couple it would make but was never going to happen for $104.00 for a 4x6 footer. I didn't really even give spending my hard earned pennies on a new D&A rug much thought. Which, doesn't mean I settled for our old darker wintry hounds tooth rug.
I replaced it with this...
Were you even ready for that awesomeness!? Is that a Dash and Albert you ask? I didn't buy it, I didn't steal it, I didn't borrow it...I MADE IT! Cue the trumpets!

My new homemade Dash and Albert inspired rug was FREE!! (every time you see cap letters, imagine me jumping up and down clapping my hands.) Check it out.

I flipped over our hounds tooth rug (seen above)...
Painted it white, with regular old white wall paint that was left by the previous owners... 
and Henry finished painting it white, because he is a painting micro-manager. The truth is out- when I get out the paint roller- he hovers! All this time you thought I was barking orders at him, but in reality he is a 'Roller Ranger' (believe it, that's what he calls himself:)
I let it dry over night. The paint covered and dried nicely, and did not bleed through.
 Then I striped the whole rug with blue tape.
I mapped out the tape strips with the colors I would be using with a D&A rug as a guide.
The line up. All colors I had on the paint shelf from previous projects (free free free free)...
I peeled off the strips for the respective colors and rolled on the paint, just normal old wall paint. I would let each color dry over night, cover it back up with the tape I saved (you can see the strip hanging behind me) and carry on...
 This morning I ripped off all the tape...

One more time...
I wish I would have lifted up a corner so you could see the hounds tooth side still in original form- I will be back next week with the proof.

Summer rug Winter rug Summer rug Winter rug!

Anyone paralyzed with shock? This is it, my all time favorite do it myself project! 

hop! hop!

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  1. Wow! Impressive Nik!

  2. I must agree this is one of your better projects, it makes awesome sense to just be able to flip the rug for the different seasons. Plus you did an amazing job painting!

  3. nikki, it looks ridiculous! i am sooooooo impressed. rock on sista!

  4. What an awesome job you did! I sure don't think I would have had the patience to paint all those stripes. It looks perfect with your new chandy color. Visiting your from TipJunkie.

  5. I'm in love with absolutely everything about this room... the chandelier, the rug, the numbers you've painted going up your stairs (I know I was supposed to focus on the rug... and it IS fab, but I can't get over EVERYTHING)! It's all adorable! SO talented! Would love for you to share on my linky party...


  6. Very, very nice. And free to boot. A very ambitious project - but you had nothing to lose. I found you on Stringtown Home - I am right after you on the link party. Check mine out - would love a comment.

    Great job!


  7. Wow! I love this so much!! It is seriously one of the best rug make-overs I have ever seen. I've pinned it because I definitely want to do something like this for my place :)

  8. This is awesome! Looks so fun and bright, you did a wonderful job!

  9. Wow... I can't believe how great it turned out! Love the fun colors and perfect stripes. I must pin this for future inspiration - I must make a rug like this!! (ps... I saw your project featured on Whipperberry and had to pop over) AJ@queenofmynest

  10. Wow, that sure brightens up your entryway! Nice job!

    Val @ artsybuildinglady.blogspot.ca