Back HoHoHome

We are back at home after a jolly time with family.
Oscar's First Christmas was full of snuggles and smooches and big ol' bear hugs!
Lovely Updates...
1. I have some time off of work and I am doing my best to catch up on laundry and more importantly some crafty ideas that have been thrown on the back burner! Cannot wait to share.
2. We are in the beginning stages of a bathroom makeover. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I was thinking about the bathroom last night when I went to sleep and woke up thinking about the bathroom this morning. 
3. I have been thrifting my little heart out and have made a good haul. Merry Christmas to me and Oscar...

Deals Rock!!
5 Dollars and I love him just the way he is

I will be out of the office until after the New Year. If you need immediate assistance, please send me an email message or you can find me at www.overstock.com.

Cheers to a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve!


...hung in the kitchen with care...

Our Christmas stockings have arrived! Remember we got a smokin' good deal and got to customize our own socks. Well, I customized Oscar's, Stella's and mine). I even dug down deep and let Henry customize his own...no whining, no objections, just 100% good ol' holiday cheer;)

By the time the socks arrived the mantel real estate had been used up, so I hung our socks in the kitchen this year.
We spend a lot of time in the kitchen so the festive decor is well, festive. However, if anyone touches the stockings with greasy fingers, I'll go ape!

Love 'em! They are as cute as I hoped. The gal behind the machine is Rachel from Neapolitan Kids.
Henry, if you are reading this, I think your sock turned out great. For realz!


Visit from Santa

Santa visited the Lovely's a little early this year. 
Just teasing, the little fella in the red suit is Oscar's friend Tui! We I dressed Oscar up in his most humiliating outfit for the special visit. 
Dear Santa, 
Our moms suck. All we want for Christmas is a clear message sent, letting them know that we are not thrilled about being dressed up and then harassed by the paparazzi. Also, tell them to stop talking for us...and then giggling. We don't think it's funny. Last thing, Tui wants a puppy. 

Tui and Oscar


'You Warm my Heart' Hand Warmers

I saw some cute hand warmers on Pinterest and I thought to myself..."cute, I want to make some of those." So I did.

I used a pleated wool skirt that I bought at an antique store a few years ago. I think people were smaller in the old days because the skirt was really tight around the waist;)

Here we are. Oscar in his vibrating babysitter and me crafting. What baby?
 Turns out, I craft best with my mouth gaping.
I happen to have a heart stencil that I use on a regular basis. I traced right over the pleats. 
Since wool doesn't fray, I sewed them wrong sides together and cut off the excess.
Leave a hole big enough for a funnel and pour about 1/3 cup (eyeball it) of rice (NOT Minute Rice) and a little salt (to absorb the moisture) in each pouch.
Push the rice away from your hole and finish sewing it up.
Throw these sacks in the microwave for 45 sec. to 1 min. Put them in your jacket pockets and enjoy the holiday parade!

I know you are wondering. I bite my nails.

check out whipperberry.com for more crafty ideas.


Star Gazer

It moved houses, hung in multiple locations, and has become my most popular blog post. Over a year later it started looking a little droopy...
I rotated it once, but let's be serious, I just made another one with paper that matches the number art. Okay, who am I tryin' to kid, I made 2 because Henry told me Oscar likes to look at it and it is hard for him to see from his changing pad. Anything for Oscar...
As you can see, I also added some adorable dog butt hooks from Ikea. Great for sleep sacks and jackets.
Oscar held the board still and I screwed in the holes;) 

Henry was right, he loves his momma's crafts!!
For detailed instructions on crafting your own star see my original star post.


Decking the Halls...Bustin' a Move

In blog news...I added a couple of tabs for you to check out: 'Meet the Lovely's' and 'Oscar's Growth Chart'.

Happy Holidays from the Lovely's...


Decking the Halls...The Mantel!!

Our fireplace mantel.

...and our Fake-lalala-lalala Tree...

I am already dreading the end of the holiday season.

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Decking the Halls...Dining with the Lovely's

What to do with a cookie jar full of buttons and some fishing line???
String em' up, of course. 'Tis the season for a strand of button garland.
Adorned on our mini tree,
 in the world's biggest serving bowl,
 with cookie cutter presents. Clever idea from my girl Tia at aMUSEing.
 Dinner is served...in the kitchen because there is no room for food on this table.
 My jolly view from the place I sit most (there might also be a tv involved in this scenario.)


Decking the Halls...Entryway

Remember those Paper Ornaments I have been whipping up? 
Welcome to the Lovely's...
We nailed up the left over garland from outside over our arches. Believe me when I say, these are real, for real, and the smell is delightful.

We might just sit in our entryway, sip on cider and open all of our Christmas gifts this year!


Decking the Halls...Curb Appeal

It is great to be settled in our house this year and I will be sharing how we Decked the Halls all week long!

Curb Appeal
I took a trip to the Home Depot this weekend to get some garland and a wreath for our front door. Unfortunately, we don't have an outdoor outlet that works (putting that on our warm weather 'to do list') so no sparkly lights for us this year. I picked up the garland and decided I was going to make my own wreath. So,  I jumped in the car and went across the street to Michael's. Believe it, I planned on making my own super festive, glittery fake wreath. Fake Tree? Fake Wreath? We swear Oscar is real!
We all gathered outside to decorate (supervise) our front stoop.

Stella pulling the garland away from Henry. He kept scolding her...with a big smile on his face. So darn cute!

Simple and Sweet.

Aunt Mel sent us window candles when we moved into our house last December. We were anxious to set them up this year. Turns out, it's best if all the shades are down.

Anyone need me to throw together a wreath for your front door?

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