Decking the Halls...Curb Appeal

It is great to be settled in our house this year and I will be sharing how we Decked the Halls all week long!

Curb Appeal
I took a trip to the Home Depot this weekend to get some garland and a wreath for our front door. Unfortunately, we don't have an outdoor outlet that works (putting that on our warm weather 'to do list') so no sparkly lights for us this year. I picked up the garland and decided I was going to make my own wreath. So,  I jumped in the car and went across the street to Michael's. Believe it, I planned on making my own super festive, glittery fake wreath. Fake Tree? Fake Wreath? We swear Oscar is real!
We all gathered outside to decorate (supervise) our front stoop.

Stella pulling the garland away from Henry. He kept scolding her...with a big smile on his face. So darn cute!

Simple and Sweet.

Aunt Mel sent us window candles when we moved into our house last December. We were anxious to set them up this year. Turns out, it's best if all the shades are down.

Anyone need me to throw together a wreath for your front door?

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  1. Looks wonderful!!! The "Tucked in the jacket" is my new favorite picture of you and Oscar - so sweet. And, of course, I think Stella is the best little helper ;)

  2. Gorgeous decorating, Mrs. Lovely! I'm a tad jealous your decorating is so classy. I agree with Nicole that the photo of Oscar poking out from under your coat is just darling.