Local Spotlight

I'll take the attention any way I can get it. I will have another baby to laugh at my funny jokes if I have too. So, when a student contacted me about doing an article for her journalism class, I graciously accepted! A big fat thank you to Jess for the referral- how did you know I would accept:)?

Check out our featured article in Lake Voice News.
The Lovely's love a little press, especially Mrs. Lovely!


A Secret from The View

I watch The View every morning. Yes it's on at 10AM and yes I watch it live, most of the time. I don't work until noon most days and the days I do miss the live version I watch it on our new DVR- It's like a dream. I love all the girls- Joy, Whoopi, Sherri, Barbara and even sweet sweet Elisabeth!

This morning the show was about deals, right up my alley, and they shared a lot of information on how to get a bargain- but they shared one deal secret worth blogging about.

Drum Roll Please....


That's right. We all know what Sears has to offer...but Sears Outlet?? Who knew?

I checked it out and this is the exciting part...these deals are real, people!! I am going to show you a few examples of why Sears now has some redeeming qualities (of course, the Softer Side has always been top notch, Mom;)

Because I want you to thoroughly love our new found deal wisdom, I give you Example 1:
I know from first hand experience that the Nikon 5000 is a pretty stellar camera and at one time bought it on sale for 550.00 marked down from the 750.00 price tag...this camera is 299.99 marked down from 750.00- 60% off. The reason for this particular mark down is because the camera was a floor model. Who cares for 60% off!

Still not sold? I give you example number 2:

This Dyson Vacuum, my friends tell me Dysons are the best (which they better be for the price), was 500.00 and it is available for 159.93-349.93.  Curious? They price them based on location and the reason they can't sell them at full price...returned, refurbished, floor model, dented, scratched, etc. Each listing will give you the specifics. For nearly 70% off I'll take a refurbished Dyson- Sears still checks it out and makes sure the product is in tip top shape before reselling them.

Come on! Who's a believer?


Wall Colors are Tricky

I have never met someone who thinks picking out paint colors for their walls is an easy breezy job. If you are the exception than consider yourself lucky! It's a tricky task finding the perfect color that makes you say "Don't you just love it?" every time you walk into the room. 

I am trying to change my approach as I mentioned in my last post when we chose a gray for the guts of our house. I am trying to be more thoughtful and patient and deliberate about my paint decisions that in the end save us time and moolah. 

So here is the latest- our new Oscar playing, television watching, snack eating space needs a coat of paint (among other things!)
As a reference, this use to be our dining room, which we never used- except for as a hallway to the kitchen. Got it?
Anyway, in attempt to be more deliberate, I hauled along my inspiration picture to the Sherwin Williams big sale.
Don't you love it? I call it Playfully Vintage! 

Here is where things got harry...or messy...or you might call it colorful...
What the h!?
This isn't a circus tent! What was I thinking? Everyone pick your jaws up and let me explain. I looked right through the card to the colorful xylophone and matched the teeny weeny colors to some paint chips, paid 5.00 a sample and headed home to test them out. 

Oh, how far I've come. There are currently new paint chips taped on the wall- I was too cheap to spring for more 5.00 samples. I feeling pretty satisfied with my new found wisdom and decorating maturity. A student once told me when I paid too much for pleather boots "Live and Learn!"


What a Deal!

The Lovely's love a deal! For example, I am a member of a couple of 'daily deal' websites including GroopDealz for the crafter in me and Decor Steals  for the junker in me. Recently Henry jumped on my email deal band wagon and signed up for a daily hunting gear deal (he is really into becoming a bow hunter, so into it that he practices shooting his new bow in our basement. Do you think that is safe?) Apparently, the website he subscribed to has offered some really good deals lately...
Along with our (I say "our" because he said I could borrow his outfit??!!) new camo gear we also took advantage of National Painting Week and bought a trunk full of paint this weekend. Henry believes he is a victim of National Painting Week and will have to spend all of his spare moments painting. I think he is lucky that we celebrate National Painting Week- for 15.00 off a gallon- which if you buy five gallons (like we did:) that's a 75.00 savings to put toward more camouflage?!

Speaking of Henry, does anyone know where he is? 


Hoarder? Not Me!

I like to pride myself on finding good deals, which are only good deals if it's something we are able to put to good use. Well, somewhere in the midst of riding my junking high horse, I started developing hoarder tendencies...

Our Garage
1. Cabinets I bought on craigslist 2.5 months ago. 2. 7 kid chairs that I bought from a school that was being shut down. Some of them have 'F#%* You' carved into the seat. Awesome huh? 3. 2 Beanbag Chairs from GW (you can't see the soccer ball bean bag chair in this photo, but it's there). I bought these with plans to recover them. 4. Stack of wood out of our neighbors yard. They were going to haul it away, after their basement remodel...but not before I took my pick of pieces that I think I can put to good use. 5. A bag of trash. All of my crap is blocking the garbage can.

"I do solemnly swear that I will accomplish some of these projects before buying or dumpster diving for more junk!"


National Painting Week!

We like to buy the No VOC Harmony Paint from Sherwinn- Williams and wouldn't you know it, National Painting Week is upon us. All that really means to me is we should probably buy some paint at 40% off and hop to it.
We have some big plans for Mrs. Dover White with the candlestick in the study. Ooh, I mean with the paintbrush in the Grand Room, which is what a named our newly configured entertaining room.

and more progress
We are still figuring out our switcheroo, but I sure do like seeing this little guy play while I empty the dishwasher...
Instead of this...

Happy National Painting Week! 

P.S. My homemade Dash and Albert Rug was featured on Whipper Berry today- shucks!
P.P.S. Happy 40 weeks old to Oscar!


Gold Rush

There was certainly a turning point in the past couple of years that gold came rushing back in. Let's face it, woman wearing gold wedding bands probably got married before 1990. Come on! You know it's the truth. Well, good news, it's hip again. I am not claiming to be the expert on all trends, but I know what I see on the Real Housewives and I believe it all to be true. So if you see me in a metallic gold bikini this summer, you know who to blame...

I am totally sold on the golden infusion...

Then I went overboard, surprised? Look what happened this morning...
I KNOW! It looked way better in my head. I think the chain might have put the whole situation over my gold quota. I do like the concept and was looking for a cute vintage bird hook, when I remembered the the previous owners left this Fleur DE Li's hook behind and you know how I am a sucker for free. (Go Saints!)

Here was the little entry before...

Peace Out Bean Sprout!
and now...
Likes: The exposed brick floor. The kitschy chandelier from IKEA. Our family photo that has been collecting dust in the corner. 
Dislikes: The way our family photo display makes our visitors think that they have to dip their fingers in holy water and bow their heads. In short, I think it looks churchy.

Suggestions?? Paint the chain and hook? Ditch the embellishments? Different frame? Come on, I can take it- just be gentle.


yep, he's mine!

Oscar inherited an exersaucer from his friend Ava. There happened to be a mirror attached and wouldn't you know it, that's Oscar's favorite accessory...
Turns out he loves himself as much as we love him! In Henry's words, "He gets that from his Mom." 


Homemade Dash & Albert Rug

I was drooling over the colorful Dash and Albert Rugs to go with my new aqua blue chandelier.
Dash and Albert Photo
A lovely couple it would make but was never going to happen for $104.00 for a 4x6 footer. I didn't really even give spending my hard earned pennies on a new D&A rug much thought. Which, doesn't mean I settled for our old darker wintry hounds tooth rug.
I replaced it with this...
Were you even ready for that awesomeness!? Is that a Dash and Albert you ask? I didn't buy it, I didn't steal it, I didn't borrow it...I MADE IT! Cue the trumpets!

My new homemade Dash and Albert inspired rug was FREE!! (every time you see cap letters, imagine me jumping up and down clapping my hands.) Check it out.

I flipped over our hounds tooth rug (seen above)...
Painted it white, with regular old white wall paint that was left by the previous owners... 
and Henry finished painting it white, because he is a painting micro-manager. The truth is out- when I get out the paint roller- he hovers! All this time you thought I was barking orders at him, but in reality he is a 'Roller Ranger' (believe it, that's what he calls himself:)
I let it dry over night. The paint covered and dried nicely, and did not bleed through.
 Then I striped the whole rug with blue tape.
I mapped out the tape strips with the colors I would be using with a D&A rug as a guide.
The line up. All colors I had on the paint shelf from previous projects (free free free free)...
I peeled off the strips for the respective colors and rolled on the paint, just normal old wall paint. I would let each color dry over night, cover it back up with the tape I saved (you can see the strip hanging behind me) and carry on...
 This morning I ripped off all the tape...

One more time...
I wish I would have lifted up a corner so you could see the hounds tooth side still in original form- I will be back next week with the proof.

Summer rug Winter rug Summer rug Winter rug!

Anyone paralyzed with shock? This is it, my all time favorite do it myself project! 

hop! hop!

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Baking Soda and Vinegar Rule!

I am sure you've heard it before, but I am here to tell you again...Baking Soda and Vinegar are a fierce combo! I was a non-believer in making the transition to clean with the kitchen staples until last week.

The Story:
Our shower drain was plugged and not just pull out a mouse sized hairball plugged (we've had our fair share of plumbing problems in this house). We've tried Drano or some other drain fighter in the past but sure enough we end up standing in water up to our cankles while showering. Of course we've lived with it for an extended period of time, gross huh? Finally, Henry was going to break down and buy a mini drain snake. I suggested we first try using Baking Soda and Vinegar. I saw it on Pinterest and the caption reads "Best Drain Cleaner." Sold! I grabbed the duo from the kitchen and we gave it a go. The only water touching our cankles now is raining down!! It worked amazing. So amazing that I want everyone to try it. It's been a week and still no problems!
I am a believer. Not to mention both ingreds. are cheap and better for everyone's health. We are over hauling all of our cleaning supplies and making it simple- Baking Soda and Vinegar Please!

Any clogged drains out there? Are you convinced?


The Neighbor's Trash

Henry had a dental appointment last week and he walked in the door with these...
As good as diamonds in my book! The one tiny drawback is yet another neighbor we can never have over. Who needs friends when you have their junk! I love garbage day. XOXO to Henry.

P.S. Check out Oscar's weekly pic!