Craigslist Score!

Warning to my work g-friends...you may want to skip this post if one more mention of my new cabinets is going to make you hurl!

I have been looking for some cabinets to make a command center in our dining room to collect all the mail, leave messages and hide all the chotchkies that end up on our dining room table. First, I like calling it a 'command' center, cause lets face it, I am the Commander of our house, so naturally I should have my own corner to help me bark out orders. Just kidding Henry, kind of;) Second, I looked up how to spell chotchkies and the definition is 'a small piece of worthless crap.' Chotchkies is EXACTLY the word I was looking for!!

Back to the cabinets. I was looking for something older and industrial because of this picture. Looking looking looking...


Here is how it went down. I spotted the cabinets, started having heart palpitations, consulted my work buddies, emailed Rick, called Rick, called Rick again, called Henry in a panic of excitement. I was prepared to convince him that we needed to figure out how to drive 35 miles to pick up this amazing find...TONIGHT! (this was last night). In true Henry style he listened to me and then in a monotone voice replied "okay." Now I am really wound up, as always I expected more excitement. I made haste to the ATM, packed up my belongings and Henry picked me up, only to drop me off at home with the shortest Lovely...we wouldn't all fit in the car with our new cabinets. Henry was on his way to get the cabinets and I waited patiently (you can imagine) at home in the throws of Oscar's nighttime routine. Waiting waiting waiting...He arrived home 1.5 hours later with 2 cabinets in the back of our SUV and one strapped to the top! 

Wait, there's more. Rick told Henry that he got a lot of phone calls and interest but wanted to sell them to his wife because she was so excited! Isn't that the sweetest thing you ever heard? The best part...that's right it gets better...he asked Henry if his wife wants anymore of his perfectly lovely junk! Can you say "road trip?"

P.S. Just so you don't think Henry does all the heavy lifting, I think you should know there was a grilled cheese sandwich waiting for him at home. Okay, you should also know that one side was burnt because I was working on Valentine's Day crafts for all of Oscar's buddies and forgot that I was in the middle of making my big strong man dinner. I suck.

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  1. Nikki, for years, when I made grilled cheese sandwiches they always had one burned side. Doug expected it and thought something was not right if it wasn't black on at least one side. You don't suck...it's in the genes!