Mirror Wall...Help!

I did up our foyer wall Fun House Style!
Fancy huh? Afterall, I did just call our entryway a foyer (is there a difference?) I have been collecting mirrors for years (unintentionally). I think they make good wall art, especially when I see what's staring back;) I gathered them all into one place and now I love to admire myself  collection. 

This is where the magic happens. New paint job, new wall decor.
I measured the space, which happened to be as big as this throw blanket, perfect place to layout my plan. The bottom (closest end in the shot) two mirrors are plastic. I wanted to make sure heavy mirrors didn't get banged around or squish any little people.
Speaking of little people...
Always such a willing helper.
I used putty to secure the sides of the mirrors to the wall. It isn't a permanent fix but it helps with daily accidental brushes and jiggles, which has yet to be a problem.
Opinion time...
Mirror mirror on the wall
What color should I paint you all?
What color should I paint these mirrors? All one color? Glaze? Different colors? 
Please help!


  1. Nik!
    I would paint them all one color and I would use one that is similar to the wall color that they are mounted on. One shade lighter or darker perhaps? That's just me though, and as you know, I'm a bit of a minimalist...


  2. I would definitely paint them all the same... maybe start with something simple, and then add a glaze or finish if it still needs some pop? I like the PP's idea of a similar color to the wall they are mounted on.

  3. for sure paint them all the same!!! i looooove! i saw this at a boutique restaurant many moons ago and decided i too will one day have a mirror collage! i loooooev it nik!!!

    okay, i would go classic black :)

  4. White, maybe antique white (which I guess would be a kind of ivory)? Here's what I was envisioning: http://thelennoxx.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/stairwell-with-mirrors-htourss0507-de.jpg

  5. Love it, Nikki! I like the idea of the same color as the wall but go with two or three shades of it--one lighter and two darker? Get those little sample paints out and give them [very little] contrast to the wall. Love the shapes and the photos of you and that LoveBug along with photos of Henry on the stairs is fun!

    Happy decorating!