Week One

We documented the first year of Oscar's life and we are going to do it for the girls, darn it. They were in the hospital for the first three weeks, so we are starting their 52 week collage from the time that we brought them home, where they belong!!

Miss Eleanor
Miss Rosemary
Eleanor and Rosemary
Oscar's first week at home.
At the end of 52 weeks we will have neatly packaged reminders of how quickly time marches on. 
 One week down, 51 to go. Fingers crossed.


Welcome Rosemary and Eleanor!

The girls made their entrance into the world on November 15th, 7 weeks early, and we brought them home from the hospital last Wednesday in the middle of a snow storm. They are both sweet and lovable and we are really glad we decided to keep both of them!

Oscar likes to visit them in their bedroom and touch them with one finger, because that is the rule. Sometimes he wants to bite them, but I have politely told him that is rude.

Here are some pics of what we have been up to since the girls arrival.
The girls spent nearly 3 weeks in the NICU. I cried when we left. Not out of fear of taking care of my own babies, but I met some really nice nurses and will miss their company.
Our first night home was joyful and peaceful!
A gift from Oscar's sisters. He loves his new bike, which we let him ride in the house because he is the boss of us...
The girls are not identical and will be hooked up on heart monitors for a bit. They were kept a part in the NICU, but clearly know that they are best pals.
 By the way, Oscar is pregnant...
with twins!
We are all right where we belong, under one roof!