trick or treat

uhhh, treat please!

Approximately 4 kids ring our doorbell every Halloween,and every single time we act surprised. Last year we were, once again unprepared and ended up handing out bags of decaf tea. We know, sad...really really sad!

This year we are prepared and taking our redemption seriously...

Any little goblin that rings our door bell will not leave here without a greater chance of becoming...

 Happy Halloween!

Nikki, Henry and the Hottest Little Dog in Duluth


You're a Star!

Decorate Paper Star Style...

you will need...
6 pieces of square paper
clear tape
 fold squares into triangles, corner to corner
 measure in from both sides approximately 2.5", 5", 7"

cut 3 triangles...almost...
stop before you cut the full triangle

open triangles back to squares
squares, triangles, triangles, squares...yikes!

pull points together and tape
alternate directions

1/6th Done...

when all 6 points of the star are complete staple them together
big side to small side

 staple the bottom tips together, and...


WAIT, there's more...

After the star is put together, it's time to hang it...
I used a grommet, because I am that kind of girl...
however, poking a hole in one of the tips will do just fine

Lovely and Free!

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.


3 Candles for Stella

 A little trip down memory lane to honor our four legged family member's Birthday...

The Lovely's

Stella's Silouette
she loves crafting, stay tuned for the final prject

Stella's Camping Adventure

safety first
the tighter the space the better

 Stella loves the kiddos

 Our Snuggle Bug

 Guard Dog, Watch Out!

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Where's the party?


Here's the Dish...

One of our most valued wedding gifts is our set of custom pottery dishes...

Our dishes are tough, attractive and one of a kind. We love them and we use them everyday!

While in the process of choosing the specifics with our Potter, Karin Kramer, I insisted she make us a BIG BOWL...the bigger the better...don't hold back...we want to serve pasta to everyone in Hillside! Karin happily obliged, but not without warning...she sent me this photo, wondering if this bowl was big enough...

This bowl may be big enough for some people, but not for me. I replied, "Bigger Please."

If ever, I admit being wrong, it will be to the tune of "well, maybe it could have been a little smaller"...

To get a better sense of the size...


The bowl's current residents:
2 pumpkins
2 squash (one is hidden behind a pumpkin, yep, the bowl is that big)
3 onions
2 limes
3 garlic bulbs
Ginger Root
and a couple pieces of junk mail

The next time you invite us to a potluck...BEWARE!


Honorable Mention

The Lovely's House Criteria

3 Bedrooms plus a bonus space for Henry's office
2 bathrooms
2 car garage
Curb Appeal
Quiet Street

Crown Molding
Stainless Steel Appliances
Fenced in Yard
Built-In Buffet
Jacuzzi Tub

The cheapest thing about buying a house is the hunt, and I love the hunt! Who would pass up a Sunday of peeking around other people's houses with the low price of admission...FREE!

There is little negotiating when it comes to our NEEDS, however, if I were to be convinced to live on a busy street again it would be by this Stucco Beauty...

Walking in the front door is like taking a trip in a well preserved time machine. The Great Room has tiled floors that I melt over, I love the look and the outdoor feel of the space. Plus, check out the wall sconces, molding on the ceiling and the built ins, sigh!

Where do I start with the dining room, this room screams PARTY...The built ins have hidden drawers and shelves, the floor has built in bells for summoning the maids and butlers (this is the reason Henry doesn't want to buy the house, he knows I would ring the shit out of that bell) and there is a copper fountain in the corner to fill water pitchers.

Hello Staircase! Why yes, you are stunning and grand. I would be happy to explore the upstairs. No, I won't forget to look in the hidden wall panel at the large laundry chute.

Can you see it? Of course not, it's secret

The Master Bedroom is adjoined to a nursery with the original 1913 french doors. I would refer to this space as my Beauty Room.

Other fantastic features of this house include:
- All the bedrooms have sinks in them, as the kids will certainly want to wash up before dinner
- Steam knobs on the base boards...can you believe it a built in humidifier, a Minnesota Must!
- An adorable covered porch over the guest bedroom
- A bathroom that would make any bungalow drool with envy

Sadly and I mean sadly, we are crossing this house off the list, as it falls from the criteria of  "Location, Location, Location."

It was nice to meet you 4th Street Stucco.

The Lovely's

All the above photos are published on the internet, I want you to know I was not creeping around with my camera.


our new old chair

I recently bought a chair at a garage sale for 8.00...

I thought this chair would make the perfect victim for my first reupholster job. I hauled it home and set aside a few hours to create a new old chair masterpiece. Oh funny, overzealous me. Approximately 10 hours later our cozy little condo looked like this...

Take note of the laptop, I watched a lot of YouTube on upholstering to make this happen

I pried 800 staples (give or take) out of the original upholstery job and have the blisters to prove it. Somebody put a lot of time and consideration into giving that pea green material a secure home.

I was ready to get started and had decided no tufting and no cording, much to complicated for this seamstress. Once I got busy, it became clear, I would need to tuft and cord.

Original Buttons

Yep, I bought a button making kit
  12 hours later...

Ahhh, the new buttons
$85.00 and 22 hours later our new old chair was complete...

Buttons: 3.00
Button Making Kit: 5.00
Fabric: 5.00 (clearance of course)
Cording: 6.00
Cardboard Strip: 15.00
Electric Staple Gun (you could use an old fashion manual staple gun, but not this Craft Diva): 25.00
Staples: 3.00
Upholstery Needles: 6.00
Wax Thread: 2.00
Paint: 6.00
Rolos (for energy): 1.00
Original Chair: 8.00
One big headache: free

I thought reupholstering was an awful experience for three reasons:

First, I am not a precision sewer, a must for reupholstering
Second, I am not patient, a must for reupholstering
Third, the final product is far from perfect (see reasons one and two)

For those of you considering the reupholstering journey, first check out West Elm, overstock.com and World Market to view all of their cute affordable chairs.

Anyone need to borrow an electric staple gun?