Here's the Dish...

One of our most valued wedding gifts is our set of custom pottery dishes...

Our dishes are tough, attractive and one of a kind. We love them and we use them everyday!

While in the process of choosing the specifics with our Potter, Karin Kramer, I insisted she make us a BIG BOWL...the bigger the better...don't hold back...we want to serve pasta to everyone in Hillside! Karin happily obliged, but not without warning...she sent me this photo, wondering if this bowl was big enough...

This bowl may be big enough for some people, but not for me. I replied, "Bigger Please."

If ever, I admit being wrong, it will be to the tune of "well, maybe it could have been a little smaller"...

To get a better sense of the size...


The bowl's current residents:
2 pumpkins
2 squash (one is hidden behind a pumpkin, yep, the bowl is that big)
3 onions
2 limes
3 garlic bulbs
Ginger Root
and a couple pieces of junk mail

The next time you invite us to a potluck...BEWARE!

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