Honorable Mention

The Lovely's House Criteria

3 Bedrooms plus a bonus space for Henry's office
2 bathrooms
2 car garage
Curb Appeal
Quiet Street

Crown Molding
Stainless Steel Appliances
Fenced in Yard
Built-In Buffet
Jacuzzi Tub

The cheapest thing about buying a house is the hunt, and I love the hunt! Who would pass up a Sunday of peeking around other people's houses with the low price of admission...FREE!

There is little negotiating when it comes to our NEEDS, however, if I were to be convinced to live on a busy street again it would be by this Stucco Beauty...

Walking in the front door is like taking a trip in a well preserved time machine. The Great Room has tiled floors that I melt over, I love the look and the outdoor feel of the space. Plus, check out the wall sconces, molding on the ceiling and the built ins, sigh!

Where do I start with the dining room, this room screams PARTY...The built ins have hidden drawers and shelves, the floor has built in bells for summoning the maids and butlers (this is the reason Henry doesn't want to buy the house, he knows I would ring the shit out of that bell) and there is a copper fountain in the corner to fill water pitchers.

Hello Staircase! Why yes, you are stunning and grand. I would be happy to explore the upstairs. No, I won't forget to look in the hidden wall panel at the large laundry chute.

Can you see it? Of course not, it's secret

The Master Bedroom is adjoined to a nursery with the original 1913 french doors. I would refer to this space as my Beauty Room.

Other fantastic features of this house include:
- All the bedrooms have sinks in them, as the kids will certainly want to wash up before dinner
- Steam knobs on the base boards...can you believe it a built in humidifier, a Minnesota Must!
- An adorable covered porch over the guest bedroom
- A bathroom that would make any bungalow drool with envy

Sadly and I mean sadly, we are crossing this house off the list, as it falls from the criteria of  "Location, Location, Location."

It was nice to meet you 4th Street Stucco.

The Lovely's

All the above photos are published on the internet, I want you to know I was not creeping around with my camera.

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