testing testing 1...2...3

Mrs. Lovely here. In case you are wondering...It's true, Henry and I did not spend any time at all carefully choosing the name of our brand new blog. I chose it, and will inform him later! I am sure he will be thrilled. Now that our last name is official, next stop- court house!

My blogging plans include:

Everyday happenings....

Headed back from the TC through Wisconsin.
Our house hunt....

I love this house!
No, this house is not for sale...but I wish it was.
 I stalk this house. You never know when an Edina Realty sign will appear

A for real front runner, according to me.
Not very easy on the eyes, but the inside is a winner (minus the indoor pool:)
 Creative projects...

Stay tuned for the reupholstered reveal
 and Updates on our shitzu, Stella ( 9 shopping days left until her 3rd Birthday)...

Stella in her argyle sweater and fur lined jacket, bring on the snow!

We I look forward to keeping you posted! Cheers!


  1. First comment! First Comment!!! I'm adding you to my google reader. I think you'll be a great blogger cause you're such a fun gal ;)

    PS - I'm eating a grilled cheese and that tomato/red pepper soup (from the box) that we all used to eat together. Makes me miss you.

  2. I am so excited to be a follower of Mrs. Lovely's blog. You are one in a million and I just know you will be great at blogging. I'll be checking back soon.
    By the way, just leave a note in the mailbox or front door of that house you really really want stating if they are ever interested in selling their house to let you know. It worked for a friend of ours and they got the house a year later.