our new old chair

I recently bought a chair at a garage sale for 8.00...

I thought this chair would make the perfect victim for my first reupholster job. I hauled it home and set aside a few hours to create a new old chair masterpiece. Oh funny, overzealous me. Approximately 10 hours later our cozy little condo looked like this...

Take note of the laptop, I watched a lot of YouTube on upholstering to make this happen

I pried 800 staples (give or take) out of the original upholstery job and have the blisters to prove it. Somebody put a lot of time and consideration into giving that pea green material a secure home.

I was ready to get started and had decided no tufting and no cording, much to complicated for this seamstress. Once I got busy, it became clear, I would need to tuft and cord.

Original Buttons

Yep, I bought a button making kit
  12 hours later...

Ahhh, the new buttons
$85.00 and 22 hours later our new old chair was complete...

Buttons: 3.00
Button Making Kit: 5.00
Fabric: 5.00 (clearance of course)
Cording: 6.00
Cardboard Strip: 15.00
Electric Staple Gun (you could use an old fashion manual staple gun, but not this Craft Diva): 25.00
Staples: 3.00
Upholstery Needles: 6.00
Wax Thread: 2.00
Paint: 6.00
Rolos (for energy): 1.00
Original Chair: 8.00
One big headache: free

I thought reupholstering was an awful experience for three reasons:

First, I am not a precision sewer, a must for reupholstering
Second, I am not patient, a must for reupholstering
Third, the final product is far from perfect (see reasons one and two)

For those of you considering the reupholstering journey, first check out West Elm, overstock.com and World Market to view all of their cute affordable chairs.

Anyone need to borrow an electric staple gun? 


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  2. Gotta love the free headache! I think it looks great!

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