Parents, You know when you are expecting your first baby and you think you know how you are going to parent?? Like, I am NEVER going to give them juice, NO food allowed outside the kitchen, NO television before they are 2 and then LIMITED screen time, my kid will never hit or bite or kick (his teacher at school), I will NEVER spank my kids, NO fruit snacks allowed, organic organic organic. Blah blah blah. 

Thankfully, Oscar is at the age that he can be easily bribed.

"Please sit by your sisters. Please sit by your sisters. Please sit by your sisters. Please sit by your sisters. Please sit by your sisters. Henry, grab him..."
"Good enough!"

Being a parent is really hard.


A Day in the Life


Pics by a Pro

The last time we had pics taken by a pro was October 2011, for Oscar's 3 month Birthday. Our girls were born last November and I was dragging my feet, trying to convince myself that I could get some good shots that would last a lifetime under the 'That's a Framer' category. July rolled around and the girls were growing at lightening speed, so I called in a professional. Anne Victoria was sweet and patient, priced right and she has worked in a Preschool so we knew she doesn't hate kids!

I was not sorry for bringing in a professional. 

I love the pics that Anne captured of our little people being silly. Get ready, we are stinkin' cute.

Henry and I sneaked in a mini photo shoot to commemorate Anniversary No. 5