7 weeks later

The girls have been home for nearly 4 weeks already. Which means I haven't been outside in nearly 4 weeks, unless you count my exposed left forearm reaching for the mail, truly a highlight of my days. Thanks for all of the holiday cards!

The girls are really good eaters, poopers and snugglers. Oscar is a patient, sweet and curious big brother. He is always willing to take a stab at who is who- at least he knows there is two of them. Yesterday he asked me if he could put his finger in Rosemary's ear. I said, no. That pretty much sums up the last month in the Lovely's household.

I am proud to report that we have been keeping up on the weekly photo. 

 This is the part where you can take a stab at who is who...
I adjusted the number on their onesies to accurately represent their age from the last time I posted.

As for an update on household projects, a case of toilet paper I ordered from Amazon arrived on the doorstep today...Whoop! Whoop! Now that's good times.