Meet The Lovely's

Stella. Nikki. Rosemary. Oscar. Eleanor. Henry 

Nikki Lovely here, err Nikki Olson. The handsome fella is my husband, Henry Eichman. I begged him to legally change our last name to Lovely. Some of my best pitches included "Happy Holidays from the Lovelys" or "Potluck at the Lovelys" or "Aren't the Lovelys the sweetest people!" Alas, we both hung onto our original names.

I started this blog as a creative outlet and a way to share my enthusiasm. Some might say (ahem, Mr. Lovely) I get overly excited about, well, most things. "I thought you would be more excited!" is a common phrase uttered in our household. I call it, passionate!

My real job is in higher education at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I am lucky enough to spend my days with energetic and witty college students. Henry is an Economist and works from home. The kids and I are his coworkers- every meal is a company picnic. 

Our first love, Stella, came to us out of the trunk of a car in the Noodles and Co. parking lot. Her previous owners didn't want her anymore. "We'll take her!" A flea bath, hernia surgery, a spay, a couple of shots, a teeth cleaning, and a haircut later we affectionately call her 'our little bargain'.

Our greatest love, Oscar, was born in July. 7-11-11, Free Slurpie Day! Barely arrived and already making mommy proud! We are enamored with his every move, every inch and every word. We are super anxious to teach him how to use a hot glue gun!

Rosemary and Eleanor snuck up on us. We were shooting for the All American Family- 1 boy, 1 girl; at the least 2 kids to keep things even. We found out late in the game that we were in fact, going to have 3 kids. We did what any wildly overwhelmed parent would do- put up a fence and purchased a mini van.

It turns out we make incredibly gorgeous and super advanced kids. If you don't believe me, just ask Henry.

I am incredibly thankful for Henry and Stella and Oscar and Rosemary and Eleanor. I feel lucky to be sharing our projects, our bargains and our lives with you.

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