Just Hanging Out

No home improvements to report on. Still obsessively collecting junk. Looking forward to a long weekend with my sister and nieces. In general, just hanging out.


Oscar's Stormy Kromer

Oscar has two security blankets, he calls his night time pacifier a pacibal, for a time he was so attached to his daycare teacher that she had trouble stepping out of the room, he is wildly passionate about airplanes, trains and reading books, he loves the outdoors and we read Ted and Fred Go Camping a minimum of 6 times a day. His newest attachment is his Stormy Kromer.

If you want to see a toddler tantrum attempt to remove the hat from his curly little head! I dare you.


Junk Hunt Report

The Junk Hunt was a huge success for Janette and I. 
Our number 1 expectation was 'a fun time.' The weekend was just that and so much more. The so much more includes meeting the fab vendors and our customers that showered us with good energy and positive feedback.

Our first sale.

 Are they the cutest?
We were also pleased ecstatic that we sold nearly every piece of furniture we hauled to the event.

Before the doors opened.
 End of day 1.
I don't have photos of day 2 (because Henry needed the camera to capture Oscar's first running race) but all that was left were some chairs and a bunch of things we could pack in a box! That desk went home with a new mama for Mother's Day from her hubby, love it!

We also learned a ton.

Don't wait until the last minute to price our junk. This photo was taken about 1 minute before the doors opened and about 2 seconds before Janette told me to put down the camera and help her.
We learned that our favorite things are not necessarily other people's favorite things.

Can you believe this chandelier did not sell? I am keeping it!
And some of the pieces that were not necessarily my style (the bench) or were a pain in my ass to paint (the map table) flew off the floor.
Lastly, we were EXHAUSTED. I feel like I am finally getting back my spunk today...but had two perfectly lovely dressers delivered on Sunday for our November sale. A junkers job never ends!


Hunting for Junk?

Janette and I set up our booth at the Junk Hunt headquarters tonight and we are ready to move some junk starting tomorrow morning at 10AM.

We both have some homework to do tonight, because we work with college kids, we behave like college kids and procrastinate until the very last second. We have some AM staging to tackle and we need to price...EVERYTHING, then we will be ready to sell our junk. If you see something that catches your eyeballs give me a jingle, asap. 541-760-5517.


3 days till the Junk Hunt

I have been squirreling away in the basement every night for the past 2 weeks getting ready for the Junk Hunt. I am regretful that I didn't get more before pictures of the junk, because those are the shots that make customer's eyeballs springy.

Although, I got one of these old folding chairs from the GW.
Thursday evening we will be setting up our booth and I will take a gaggle of pics to share. If anyone falls in love and wants to make a presale deal, we aren't opposed.

My pal, Janette, and I will be operating under the name:
yes please, Mrs. Lovely!


Family Fun

I have been lost in my junk. The Junk Hunt is quickly approaching and my index finger is all beefed up from pushing the spray paint nozzle.

I did take a couple of days to hang with the Olson's. We choose not to swap Xmas gifts and instead plan a weekend of family fun.

This year we gathered at a Resort in Brainerd, MN. 

Olson's like to match.

Same Shirts.
Same security blankets. Do they get mixed up you ask. Yes, there have been high pitched altercations that occur due to Grammy Kay giving all of her grandchildren the exact same blanket. 
The weekend consisted of a lot of juice boxes, fruit snacks and snuggling. 
But there is no doubt that the number one weekend activity was swimming and swimming and swimming. The whole gang headed to the pool.
Open the Door! Open the Door! Open the Door! Open the Door! Open the Door! Open the Door! Open the Door! Open the Door! Open the Door! Open the Door! Open the Door! Open the Door! 

Playing in the cabinet was a close second.
We considered closing the doors and sticking a wooden spoon through the handles...but only for a second, and I swear it was said jokingly.
Back to reality which includes emerald green paint under my fingernails.