Junk Hunt Report

The Junk Hunt was a huge success for Janette and I. 
Our number 1 expectation was 'a fun time.' The weekend was just that and so much more. The so much more includes meeting the fab vendors and our customers that showered us with good energy and positive feedback.

Our first sale.

 Are they the cutest?
We were also pleased ecstatic that we sold nearly every piece of furniture we hauled to the event.

Before the doors opened.
 End of day 1.
I don't have photos of day 2 (because Henry needed the camera to capture Oscar's first running race) but all that was left were some chairs and a bunch of things we could pack in a box! That desk went home with a new mama for Mother's Day from her hubby, love it!

We also learned a ton.

Don't wait until the last minute to price our junk. This photo was taken about 1 minute before the doors opened and about 2 seconds before Janette told me to put down the camera and help her.
We learned that our favorite things are not necessarily other people's favorite things.

Can you believe this chandelier did not sell? I am keeping it!
And some of the pieces that were not necessarily my style (the bench) or were a pain in my ass to paint (the map table) flew off the floor.
Lastly, we were EXHAUSTED. I feel like I am finally getting back my spunk today...but had two perfectly lovely dressers delivered on Sunday for our November sale. A junkers job never ends!

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