Happy Halloweenie!

Guilty mom alert! I was feeling bad for our little dude that all of his little friends got to dig around in the pumpkin guts this year. So, I did what any mom would do...if the other kids are doing it- then so are we, darn it! And if the other kid's moms buy them booze when they are 15...you better believe it...kidding! kidding!
Oscar plucked about 2 seeds from his pumpkin before he became more interested in hauling them around and trying to fit the tops back on. What you see here will be sitting on our front stoop tonight! ooh scary!
While we do our best, the real festivities will happen at daycare today.
Q. Why was the teacher annoyed with the duck?
A. Because he wouldn't quit quackin' jokes!
Do toddlers make fun of each other yet?

Happy Halloweenie from The Lovely's!

We hope you all have a fun and razor blade free holiday!


Monster Dash

Oscar's parents didn't bring him to a pumpkin patch or on a good old fashion hayride. Boo! Instead we hauled him down to the big city to cheer me on in a 10 mile race...dressed as a ketchup packet. Why?

His mom is a ketchup bottle...and his mom's friend, Devon, mustard! We proudly used Oscar as a prop to try and win the event's costume contest. 
From the beginning...

Pre-race training.
Mustard yells "KETCH UP!"
Clever, right? We put on a good show.
We didn't win the costume contest. However, we did run 10 miles dressed as large condiments, so we feel like winners at heart!

Where's Waldo? In front of Mustard and Ketchup!

Mid race love from my little squirt...huh? huh? I could go on and on!
Approaching the finish line and still smiling. Devon is my running soul mate- The mustard on my hotdog;)We trotted along chatting and supporting each other, all the while dressed like condiments. 
Friends like Devon are a real treat- Happy Halloween to me! 


Party Favors for Everyone!

As mentioned yesterday, I have been blogging about crafts and life and our house for 2 years. Can you stand it? Lots of things happen in 2 years. We bought our house, brought Oscar home to this house, traveled to Nicaragua, New York, Oregon, Hawaii, California, Las Vegas and Colorado (we really did it up before Oscar arrived), rearranged our furniture countless times and painted our guts out. 

Looking over the last year's posts, here are some of my faves.

Homemade Dash and Albert Rug 
I love how this project turned out and it was a true test of my patience, which I think is good to practice on occasion- after all, 2 years just flew by.

Go White or Go Home
I love this picture because I feel like I am finally discovering my style and taking my time to do things with staying power. Every time I walk into this room I smirk with delight. I am working on fabric for the window treatments and get this...I ordered samples! Ah, so grown up!

Week 52
I can't believe how fast this little bugger has grown in the past year. I never tire of looking at the weekly photos we took that got more challenging by the week.

We Over DIYed It
We learned a lot about ourselves from this project and coming to terms with how our lives have changed- for the better. I never shared an after photo but I will try and get to it, because I am so glad this project is done for both our sanity and curb appeal!

Decking The Halls
Love love love the festive feel. The reason I love this post so much is because I feel like I have given up on holiday decorating over the last 10 months. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I am looking forward to doing this exact same thing this Christmas, 'if it's not broke...!' {Since this pic was taken we have painted the hallway, painted the rug, changed the light fixture, swapped the dining room and TV room, and added on to the bottom of the door to close the gap}

Thanks for sticking around this party and listening to my old war blog stories. Leave a comment below, by midnight 10/25, and you will receive a Lovely Residence Blogiversary Party Favor!

 Paper Ornaments!
Simple, cute and festive! They will be shipped to you ready for assembly! If I don't know your address you can leave it for me through my contact page or leave me your email and I will be in touch. Everyone wins! Party Guests beware, sizes and colors will vary. Cheers!


Belated Blogiversary

My 2nd Blogiversary came and went on October 20th. Where is my blogging spirit? Tonight I am going to go home and rack my brain all night for a blogging party favor giveaway, I might even have a hard time falling asleep. Any suggestions? Anything you've seen on my blog that you are dying to get your hands on? 

Here are some Lovely Residence Blog Facts comparing year 1 to year 2:

1st Blogiversary

  • 42,408 page views
  • Most Viewed: You're a Star, 7,323 page views
  • Most comments: Big Back Splash, 28 comments
  • Entry most stumbled upon: Shrunken Light Head, people google 'Beetlejuice Shrunken Head' and they are sent to my blog. Funny, huh?
  • Top 3 visiting countries outside the USA...United Kingdom, Australia, Canada

2nd Blogiversary plus 3 days
  • 147,682 page views
  • Most Viewed: You're a Star, 52,120 page views
  • Most Comments: Big Back Splash, 40 comments
  • Entry most stumbled upon: Let's Face it People Still love Beetlejuice, Shrunken Light Head
  • Top 3 visiting countries outside the USA...Canada, United Kingdom, Poland
Clearly, blog readers have their faves. Along with my party favor announcement tomorrow, I will also share my all time favorite posts. Oooh, fun times!

P.S. I honestly couldn't find one new picture to share. 


Don't Bug Me

We have been busy busy busy, you know- working our real jobs. Boo! Even when I can't seem to find the time to craft or move furniture around, the idea wheel in my head is turning. Today I pulled the trigger and bought the curtain fabric for Oscar's future playroom.

Clearly, there is work to be done. I don't need a stinking contest to whip this room into shape. All 14 yards of  inspiration fabric should be here in 5-7 business days.

Backyard Bug Jars!
and I needed a little accent fabric for a little idea I have.

Ant Maze Fabric, way better than the real thing.
Hopefully, Henry is at home cleaning out the sun porch as I type. 

For super cutie kiddo or 1000s of other fabric options check out fabric.com and use the coupon code sewsorry for 20% off and free shipping! No joke, I just googled "fabric.com coupons" and viola!


ALS Auction Dresser!

The Dresser.
The process.

9" Craft Rings.
 Thankfully I traced the pieces before this happened.
 Gorilla Glue. Ooh Ooh! Ah Ah!
Clamped and Dried.
My plan was to spray paint but Henry is more cooperative than the weather, so good old dover white it is!

Signed Sealed and Delivered! The ALS Gala and auction is November 1st. Fingers crossed this chest of drawers pulls in a pretty penny for the cause. I'll report back!


Family Photo Year 2

Last year we hired a photographer to take 3 month photos of Oscar. We could only muster up enough cash for 2 prints. I had no idea how much the pros charge for the prints, holy cats!

We ordered this 5x7 of the little dude (I stole this image off of the photographers website with the gold ol' PrtScn button and I don't feel guilty.)
I sweet talked Henry into selling an internal organ for this 16x20 print of our family. I didn't even get a chance to steal a digital copy of this photo, so Oscar better love this print long after we are gone.

October 2011

We thought it would be fun to take a pic in the same spot this year.

October 2012

I love seeing the side-by-side comparison of how our family has changed over the past year. 


Dresser Posting Delays

I am biting my nails with anticipation to show you how the auction dresser turned out. You will LOVE, and I hope the bidders LOVE! 

Unfortunately, there was a hiccup in the process, here in Northern Minnesota the outdoor spray painting season is over! It is too chilly for the paint to dry evenly. Consider yourself warned! So, Henry helped me haul the dresser back inside to tackle it with the old fashion pail and brush method. 

To keep your crafting appetites wet, here is a little glimpse of what is shaking down in our living room.

Are you so excited?