Monster Dash

Oscar's parents didn't bring him to a pumpkin patch or on a good old fashion hayride. Boo! Instead we hauled him down to the big city to cheer me on in a 10 mile race...dressed as a ketchup packet. Why?

His mom is a ketchup bottle...and his mom's friend, Devon, mustard! We proudly used Oscar as a prop to try and win the event's costume contest. 
From the beginning...

Pre-race training.
Mustard yells "KETCH UP!"
Clever, right? We put on a good show.
We didn't win the costume contest. However, we did run 10 miles dressed as large condiments, so we feel like winners at heart!

Where's Waldo? In front of Mustard and Ketchup!

Mid race love from my little squirt...huh? huh? I could go on and on!
Approaching the finish line and still smiling. Devon is my running soul mate- The mustard on my hotdog;)We trotted along chatting and supporting each other, all the while dressed like condiments. 
Friends like Devon are a real treat- Happy Halloween to me! 

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