Party Favors for Everyone!

As mentioned yesterday, I have been blogging about crafts and life and our house for 2 years. Can you stand it? Lots of things happen in 2 years. We bought our house, brought Oscar home to this house, traveled to Nicaragua, New York, Oregon, Hawaii, California, Las Vegas and Colorado (we really did it up before Oscar arrived), rearranged our furniture countless times and painted our guts out. 

Looking over the last year's posts, here are some of my faves.

Homemade Dash and Albert Rug 
I love how this project turned out and it was a true test of my patience, which I think is good to practice on occasion- after all, 2 years just flew by.

Go White or Go Home
I love this picture because I feel like I am finally discovering my style and taking my time to do things with staying power. Every time I walk into this room I smirk with delight. I am working on fabric for the window treatments and get this...I ordered samples! Ah, so grown up!

Week 52
I can't believe how fast this little bugger has grown in the past year. I never tire of looking at the weekly photos we took that got more challenging by the week.

We Over DIYed It
We learned a lot about ourselves from this project and coming to terms with how our lives have changed- for the better. I never shared an after photo but I will try and get to it, because I am so glad this project is done for both our sanity and curb appeal!

Decking The Halls
Love love love the festive feel. The reason I love this post so much is because I feel like I have given up on holiday decorating over the last 10 months. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I am looking forward to doing this exact same thing this Christmas, 'if it's not broke...!' {Since this pic was taken we have painted the hallway, painted the rug, changed the light fixture, swapped the dining room and TV room, and added on to the bottom of the door to close the gap}

Thanks for sticking around this party and listening to my old war blog stories. Leave a comment below, by midnight 10/25, and you will receive a Lovely Residence Blogiversary Party Favor!

 Paper Ornaments!
Simple, cute and festive! They will be shipped to you ready for assembly! If I don't know your address you can leave it for me through my contact page or leave me your email and I will be in touch. Everyone wins! Party Guests beware, sizes and colors will vary. Cheers!


  1. Happy Blogiversary Nikki!!! I have enjoyed all of your projects, posts and pics over the past couple of years! Looking forward to many more :) But don't forget to post about Stella....I sure miss that little black and white dog!!!! Hopefully she misses me all the same :)

  2. Two years! I've truly enjoyed your blog my friend. Here were some of my favorite projects: screen door for closet, sheet folding, Tui table (of course!), and the weekly photos of Oscar. Keep up the crafty work Nikki! Gina

  3. Good work Nikki. I have been impressed that Oscar has not slowed you down much. I think my fav post was not so much a craft project but when you compared yourself to Will and Kate. So true. -Jill