Week 52

It's Oscar's Birthday Week! We are shocked and amazed how quickly this year flew by, because let me just say this "the days are long and sometimes grueling!" We took his weekly picture this morning, number 52, a whole year of growing strong and healthy and we were feeling a little sad. We have enjoyed setting up the photo as a family, picking out the appropriate color diaper, deciding if we need a prop, and taking on the challenge of keeping the little dude on his black backdrop.

Here is a little peek into the chaos of our photo shoot.
Henry is the prop guy and I am the photographer. H: Put him on the black cloth. N: Snap snap snap snap H: Put him on the black cloth. N: Snap snap snap snap H: Spray water in his mouth, put his hat back on. Put him back on the black cloth. N: Snap snap snap snap. In a high squeaky voice "don't let him crush the hat."

You get the point. It's become increasingly more of a challenge, but we think it's the cutest thing ever!

Sometimes we capture our favorite pic out of the gate and sometimes we are wiping sweat from our brows by the time we wrap.

The 100% unedited 'before' and the 8x10 edited 'after'.
I crop all the potential poses and then we choose our favorite pic for the collage. You can view all 52 big photos here.
After we wiped all of our nostalgic tears, we did what the Lovely's do best...
We put on our party faces because we have something great to celebrate!

P.S. Check out Oscar's Growth Chart for Oscar's final picture and collage:(


  1. Love! Happy bday Oscar! I am said that the collage is done:(

  2. Sad, not said..... Silly auto correct

  3. Great faces but I'm worried about the noses, is it something your eating??