Oscar's Birthday Hoedown!

Oscar turned one on Wednesday, 7-11. Unbelievable. We threw him a good old fashioned hoedown, cause there is nothing Oscar likes more than Sandra Boynton barnyard books. "A cow says Moo, A sheep says Baa, 3 singing pigs say La La La"-  if you know what I mean!
This one year old's hoedown was complete with a barnyard cake, stick horses, farm animal tatoos and straw hats!

Patiently waiting for the guests to arrive. (or watching for trucks:)
 Oscar's buddies- these boys are all smiles:)
This was one hot hoedown, so we all hovered in the sliver of fence shade, where Oscar's 52 weeks of photos were displayed. Phew, it looks like I planned it that way!
 Oop, I guess there was a little shade on the steps too.
Time for cake! Betty Crocker was the brains behind the design, but Caraline and I take full credit for Oscar's edible barnyard!
There is nothing that makes Oscar smile more than a little piggy.
He wasn't thrilled with all eyes on him- can this really be my baby? Maybe we sang out of tune?
He got over it!
 A little cupcake liner never hurt anyone!
Caraline, waited patiently to eat one of "Osser's" farm animals.
 Grammy Kay and Baby Victoria chilling in the fence shade.
 ...and then came the gifts.
Oscar has recently become very fond of trucks. I think it's a boy thing. (notice the belly- he is also fond of breakfast, lunch and dinner- and cupcakes:)
A round of applause to all of his guests for their generosity and celebrating his special day with us!
 Nothing screams hoedown like denim and tatoos!
I guess Oscar does like a little attention, if it's from Kaitlin and Chad.
The party came to a close with a short wagon ride. Apparently, Tui was so pooped out he needed to put his feet up, on the Birthday Boy!
Lastly, we could not be happier with the budding romance between two of our favorite 3 year olds, Caraline and Abram.
The aftermath. Square dancing, cupcake eating contests and stick horse races are not for babies!

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