Royal Wedding

Warning: Repeat Post, only different

Congratulations Prince William and Princesses Kate! Blah blah blah.
Jealous? Obvious, 100%. Think of all the free time and dough Kate has to go junking and hit up local estate sales, lucky! Although I am happy for them!? I sized them up, and it turns out we are pretty similar...

10. William's brother's name is Henry, I am married to Henry (both red heads:)
9. Kate married into the Royal Family, my in-laws think they are royalty, no joke.
8. William and Kate live in a palace that keeps them dry from the rain, whatevs, we have a roof too.
7. Kate is a fashion plate, I eat off of a plate and Henry's plate and my friend's plates, big fat deal. The real question is...Does she have her own set of China?
6. William and my Henry both work for the government, and I am pretty sure they make about the same amount of money.
5. Kate and I are both brunettes, what up!
4. William and Kate hosted a disco-tech party after their wedding, who doesn't?
3. William and Kate stood on a balcony and kissed, Henry and I make out on our porch all of the time.
2. 1900 guests attended the Royal Wedding...good luck writing all of those thank you notes, suckers!
1. Kate and I have the same wedding ring, and now so do all the audience members attending The View.

Thunder officially stolen...get it here for 19.90 + s/h.

We are just two couples trying to make it in this crazy world...


Who's all grown up?

We are! We are!
So many life decisions that made us feel mature: jobs with insurance:), marriage, a mortgage and getting ready to parent a little human.

Who knew our real ticket to adulthood would arrive in big cardboard boxes...our very own set of China Dishes. It's official we are all grown up, China is not for the kids!

We inherited the set from Henry's mom. She handed it over, chips and all, assuring me this China was meant to be used. 10-4! We look forward to our next dinner party. We hope to have lots of gatherings before we need to purchase the Hoveround or lose our dentures in the sofa, we seem to be aging so quickly. As I am sure all of you are dying to send me a package in the mail, please avoid Silver and Crystal...I felt a gray hair sprout as I wrote the words:)



Stenciling is back! Not the kind where your mom stenciled the grapevines around the kitchen.
Don't pretend you don't know what I am talking about. The newest designs in stencils blows sponge painting off the map!
Take a look at these hot ideas from Cutting Edge Stencils. I have yet to formulate a plan for future stenciling. Oh, but you better believe I will attempt to do as the decorators do.

If you have jumped over to look at the stencils you may also notice that there is a price tag attached and my first stenciling pursuit is going to come with a price tag of $0.00...

I printed these off my computer.
 Then I cut out the design with a scissors and an exacto knife.
Of course, the difference is my stencil is on flimsy computer paper versus mylar or plastic. The difference is also about 35 bucks in my wallet. I will keep you posted (get it? blog post! hehehe).


Furniture Fairy

Henry's Mom and Step dad showed up last Wednesday night from Oregon with a U haul Trailer in tow. Lucky for us, it was filled with treasured family furniture that we picked through during our last visit to the West Coast. We spent some quality time together and enjoyed unpacking our new belongings.

Below are some of the highlights...

Four Poster Bed. This bed belonged to Henry's Grandmother Rosemary. I thought it was appropriate for the guest room, after all, Pineapples mean 'Hospitality' (within reason:).
 It's a gorgeous bed!
Oooh, the pedestal table for our kitchen nook. This means kitchen nook progress and I love progress.
I ordered the bench cushion today. So excited! Did you notice our Church Pew? It was made for the space.
Love the dresser! I don't have a plan for it...yet! I want to give it the perfect home.
A Special Bonus Delivery...

A stack of Fiesta Bowls. My heart was all a flutter. I asked for the bowls in the midst of claiming furniture and Henry's Mom delicately told me she wanted to keep the bowls. LOVE THEM! Thank you Megan!
 Aren't they beautiful?

Other treasures that arrived, but will make their photo debut at a later date...
Toy Box
Two Single Bed Frames
China (dishes, not the country)
Some of Henry's treasured childhood toys
and a Saxophone...hmmm, you never know, I might get sick of blogging and take lessons!

We are so grateful and look forward to painting, arranging and using our new furniture.


No Vase? No Worries!

A bundle of fresh flowers and no vase? Doesn't scare me.

I emptied out the marshmallows that were taking up the 'Munchies' jar's precious real estate into a big zip lock and then I plopped in the cut flowers.

What's that? You don't have super cute food storage jars. Here are some other ideas for your bouquets...



Burlap and Ribbons can cure any ugly container!

I am sure you all have some Tiffany bags laying around:) You get the point, use an old party bag.
gotta love Country Living


Clever Martha!
A Big Egg
Tea Tins

Happy Earth Day!

P.S. So excited, I am featured at Southern Hospitality. Please check it out.


Easter Dessert

I wouldn't dare wait 'til Easter to share with you the most adorable Easter Treat. This idea is not my own. Just when I thought all good ideas came from the Internet my very best pal, Stephanie, sent me a photo of her Sweet Easter Creation.

Deep breaths, wipe the drool off your chin and keep the screeching with excitement in check! Okay, for real, are you dying to get in the car and and rob Walgreen's of all their peeps? 

I already heart sunflowers, but this brings my love of the big beautiful flowers to a whole new level...An edible sunflower!? swoon
Steph gave me the skinny and, oh yes, the directions are skinny...
1. Bake a round cake, make it double layer for extra deliciousness
2. Frost it
3. Add the chocolate chips
4. Add the peeps
5. Brilliant!

Sunflowers not your gig? Use pink peeps and blueberries for a big bright daisy!



Just another day of kitchen nook foreshadowing...

The original plans for the kitchen nook included buying some lumber and sharpening Henry's saw blade.
Plans have changed. I found this beauty on craigslist for 50.00!
Nothing is built better than a church pew. What a steal. The time and cost of lumbar would have far exceeded 50 bones. Plus, we were a little concerned about the radiators running along the floor. This is the perfect solution. Raise your hand if the blond wood in our blond kitchen makes you gag a little?
Don't worry don't worry, we are planning on painting our new pew.
Our praying days are over.
Aren't you so stinkin' excited to see the kitchen nook? We can't wait to get it all together. Patience my little grassbloggers:) 


Trashy Chairs?!

In constant pursuit of making our kitchen the heart of the home, I have had my eyes peeled for a couple of chairs that will soon be sitting around our 'new to us', donated by Henry's mom, pedestal table. I wasn't necessarily scouring the neighbors trash cans, but when an opportunity arises I first recruit Henry-and then pounce!

Lucky us, we pulled these beauties from a garbage pile up the street. The cost? FREE! Not exactly the look I was going for but due to the low price, I figure nothing a can of spray paint can't fix. Whoop whoop! 
One of the chairs was missing a leg, which had us rethinking our snag...but luck struck again...the leg was in the trash can! Are you imagining us with our heads in the neighbors big ol' stinky garbage can? Sorry to disappoint-but we plucked it right off the top of the rest of the trash.
I look forward to showing you the result of our fab find once we get our kitchen nook put together!
One person's trash is another person's treasure!


Corn on the Cupcakes

In preparation for a few social gatherings I prepared corn on the cob, no dessert, no corn on the cob...

Are you confused? Surprise, they are cupcakes! No joke, these little cobs are all sweet and no savory.

Here is the 411 on how to create your own Sweet BBQ Creation:

Cake Mix, I used yellow but use whatever you like
White Frosting, Cream Cheese is my fave
Yellow Starburst = Pads of Butter (you could use yellow laffy taffy too)
Poppy Seeds = Pepper
Jelly Belly = Corn Kernels
Corn Skewers
At our local grocery store you can buy Jelly Belly by the color. The only stand alone yellow are popcorn flavored so I bought some other varieties for yellow kernel variation.
 Do what the box says, bake the cupcakes and then line 'em up!
 Add the glue (aka frosting), and then get to work before it hardens.
Line up the kernels and stick in the skewers.
Give the Starburst butter pads a 20 sec microwave zap to soften and sprinkle on the poppy seeds pepper.

 Fresh out of the oven off the grill!

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