Furniture Fairy

Henry's Mom and Step dad showed up last Wednesday night from Oregon with a U haul Trailer in tow. Lucky for us, it was filled with treasured family furniture that we picked through during our last visit to the West Coast. We spent some quality time together and enjoyed unpacking our new belongings.

Below are some of the highlights...

Four Poster Bed. This bed belonged to Henry's Grandmother Rosemary. I thought it was appropriate for the guest room, after all, Pineapples mean 'Hospitality' (within reason:).
 It's a gorgeous bed!
Oooh, the pedestal table for our kitchen nook. This means kitchen nook progress and I love progress.
I ordered the bench cushion today. So excited! Did you notice our Church Pew? It was made for the space.
Love the dresser! I don't have a plan for it...yet! I want to give it the perfect home.
A Special Bonus Delivery...

A stack of Fiesta Bowls. My heart was all a flutter. I asked for the bowls in the midst of claiming furniture and Henry's Mom delicately told me she wanted to keep the bowls. LOVE THEM! Thank you Megan!
 Aren't they beautiful?

Other treasures that arrived, but will make their photo debut at a later date...
Toy Box
Two Single Bed Frames
China (dishes, not the country)
Some of Henry's treasured childhood toys
and a Saxophone...hmmm, you never know, I might get sick of blogging and take lessons!

We are so grateful and look forward to painting, arranging and using our new furniture.


  1. christmas morning at the lovely home!!! everything is a treasure, i am so excited for you and all the nesting you are doing! xoxo.

  2. ps did you ever buy the old oregon state graduation chairs when we were looking at jeanette (you know the lady who had the kick ass sale???) those would look killer with the deacon's bench. omg. i can't wait to get my eyes on this place for realsy!