Trashy Chairs?!

In constant pursuit of making our kitchen the heart of the home, I have had my eyes peeled for a couple of chairs that will soon be sitting around our 'new to us', donated by Henry's mom, pedestal table. I wasn't necessarily scouring the neighbors trash cans, but when an opportunity arises I first recruit Henry-and then pounce!

Lucky us, we pulled these beauties from a garbage pile up the street. The cost? FREE! Not exactly the look I was going for but due to the low price, I figure nothing a can of spray paint can't fix. Whoop whoop! 
One of the chairs was missing a leg, which had us rethinking our snag...but luck struck again...the leg was in the trash can! Are you imagining us with our heads in the neighbors big ol' stinky garbage can? Sorry to disappoint-but we plucked it right off the top of the rest of the trash.
I look forward to showing you the result of our fab find once we get our kitchen nook put together!
One person's trash is another person's treasure!

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  1. I pulled a big framed print out of the dumpster in our neighborhood a couple of years ago. It was kind of abstract, the colors were pretty, it was huge and already framed. I thought, why not? For a whole year it was on the wall in our house before I think I realized it was a picture of two people "getting busy." Whoops.