Who's all grown up?

We are! We are!
So many life decisions that made us feel mature: jobs with insurance:), marriage, a mortgage and getting ready to parent a little human.

Who knew our real ticket to adulthood would arrive in big cardboard boxes...our very own set of China Dishes. It's official we are all grown up, China is not for the kids!

We inherited the set from Henry's mom. She handed it over, chips and all, assuring me this China was meant to be used. 10-4! We look forward to our next dinner party. We hope to have lots of gatherings before we need to purchase the Hoveround or lose our dentures in the sofa, we seem to be aging so quickly. As I am sure all of you are dying to send me a package in the mail, please avoid Silver and Crystal...I felt a gray hair sprout as I wrote the words:)

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