Easter Dessert

I wouldn't dare wait 'til Easter to share with you the most adorable Easter Treat. This idea is not my own. Just when I thought all good ideas came from the Internet my very best pal, Stephanie, sent me a photo of her Sweet Easter Creation.

Deep breaths, wipe the drool off your chin and keep the screeching with excitement in check! Okay, for real, are you dying to get in the car and and rob Walgreen's of all their peeps? 

I already heart sunflowers, but this brings my love of the big beautiful flowers to a whole new level...An edible sunflower!? swoon
Steph gave me the skinny and, oh yes, the directions are skinny...
1. Bake a round cake, make it double layer for extra deliciousness
2. Frost it
3. Add the chocolate chips
4. Add the peeps
5. Brilliant!

Sunflowers not your gig? Use pink peeps and blueberries for a big bright daisy!


  1. oh nikki...dying! i will fo sho be making for our easter celebration. mmmmmmm! love you.

  2. Oh that looks so flippin cute! And I totally want to go and rob Walmart of all there Peeps!! www.mylifeunzipped.blogspot.com

  3. I love your blog! I'm your newest follower.... Makes me remember back to the newlywed days, cept my hubby wasn't a do-it- yourselfer.

  4. You had me fooled. Ah, the versatility of the beloved peep.

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice Thursday...Hope to see more of your ideas this week!