Royal Wedding

Warning: Repeat Post, only different

Congratulations Prince William and Princesses Kate! Blah blah blah.
Jealous? Obvious, 100%. Think of all the free time and dough Kate has to go junking and hit up local estate sales, lucky! Although I am happy for them!? I sized them up, and it turns out we are pretty similar...

10. William's brother's name is Henry, I am married to Henry (both red heads:)
9. Kate married into the Royal Family, my in-laws think they are royalty, no joke.
8. William and Kate live in a palace that keeps them dry from the rain, whatevs, we have a roof too.
7. Kate is a fashion plate, I eat off of a plate and Henry's plate and my friend's plates, big fat deal. The real question is...Does she have her own set of China?
6. William and my Henry both work for the government, and I am pretty sure they make about the same amount of money.
5. Kate and I are both brunettes, what up!
4. William and Kate hosted a disco-tech party after their wedding, who doesn't?
3. William and Kate stood on a balcony and kissed, Henry and I make out on our porch all of the time.
2. 1900 guests attended the Royal Wedding...good luck writing all of those thank you notes, suckers!
1. Kate and I have the same wedding ring, and now so do all the audience members attending The View.

Thunder officially stolen...get it here for 19.90 + s/h.

We are just two couples trying to make it in this crazy world...

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