Factory Furniture can have Personality!

My friend, Kat, bought a big new TV. Yay Kat! nobody should spend their days watching Reality Television on anything but a big fat flat screen.

We chatted about style, originality and affordability. All things I care a lot about. Of course, we both love the Pottery Barn furniture, who doesn't? But, let's face it, there needs to be a screamin' deal goin' on to avoid breaking the bank.

THE SOLUTION: Find something you like that's affordable and jazz it up with a few of your own accessories! 
TV Console: 199.00 at Ikea. Considering Kat will certainly need to strap on her tool belt to put this sucker together, she can add contact paper to all the cubbies (sides, bottom, and back) before she screws on the top.
Contact Paper: Approx. 8.00 for 24 feet, one roll will certainly do the trick
Hardware: 3.5-8.00 a knob

Result: About 222.00 for a custom piece of furniture!!

Pressure is on Kat, turn off the TV and get busy. We can't wait to see photos!

1. Classic: Contact Paper and Hardware
2. Modern: Contact Paper and Hardware
3. Whimsy: Contact Paper and Hardware


  1. Nice Nikki! I'm having a Blog Party tomorrow. Be there or be square.

  2. Nikki, all great ideas... unfortunately I can't figure out how to get the drawers into the dang thing. I need to enlist some help! Now to find some fabulous hardware! Thanks Nik!!!

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