Go White or Go Home!

I am constantly figuring out my style. While paging through magazines and perusing pinterest I find myself always oohing and aahing over clean white rooms. So, I pushed ahead and committed to keeping it white.

The table end of the room needs some love, but I am taking it slow and want to figure out what I love for  long term staying power. This momma needs to make the most of her decorating hours! Plus you may have noticed that our custom table needed a little love from the artist, so it's back in the big city for a bit.

You might remember, I was thinking about a new jute rug for this space. Well, I remembered I had this rug stashed away in my crap room. I bought it almost 2 years ago because I really liked it, but didn't have a home for it, such bad behavior. Laaaaa! 

I have an idea for the wall above the mantel, but want to keep it under wraps, in case I change my mind and then I have to go on and on about why I changed my mind, because I am sure you will all be hounding me all the while shining a flashlight in my eyes .
Styling the shelves was of course my favorite part. We are all set to have a party, a fancy china party, now that I have a picture to help me figure out how to put the dishes back exactly where they belong!

This banjo belonged to Henry's dad, who is a banjo plucking extraordinaire. In our house it's purely a decoration.
Although, in the past I would boast about my festive mantel decor, I am too tired for that nonsense. Am I starting to sound worn out and haggard? I am operating in efficiency mode. None of this, "if I don't like it I will just change it." Ugh! I don't even know that girl.

This is a print that Henry and I bought together while vacaying in Memphis. We walked out of the gallery and the artist was painting on the street and signed it for us. I had it framed for Henry and it's been floating around ever since. 
Lastly, I already owned these pillow covers, that I made for the bedroom in our condo, and I still love them.

Here is the real news. I didn't spend a single penny to accomplish this little transformation. I used everything I already owned. My employee works for free, we were storing the paint in the basement from when we purchased paint from our last project (I count pre-owned as free, if you were wondering), and this just gives you an idea of how much crap decorations I have laying around the house!

Go White! Fight! Fight! Fight!

P.S. Tomorrow starts the voting process for Mandi's Epic Room Makeover. I will be back to tell you all how to vote your hearts out for me. Believe it!


  1. looooooooooooooove it!!! so crisp, yet still so you!!! love!

    can't wait to vote, i really think you are going to win!

  2. Wow. White works SO WELL in your house. You have such nice punches of color in your furniture and decor that the white brings it all together. So classy. So clean. Love it!

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  4. I like the white! And I'm ready to vote for Oscar's playroom!

  5. It really looks sooooo good Nikki! I'd really like to do white in our first floor too but the windows need to stay wood so not sure how that would look. G.