Friendly Reminder to Vote...

Happy Saturday Everyone! Really, when is the last time I posted on a Saturday? Can you say "never!" I really want this. Please click here, scroll down and vote for No. 42!

If you are furrowing your brows, wondering what the hell I am talking about, here are the instructions from yesterday.

It is time to start voting for Mandi's Epic Room Makeover! Here are the rules, for this round of the contest...

1. You can vote once a day for 7 days (Sept. 7-14)

2. You can vote from each and every computer you own (it's the IP address that is tracked)

3. My entry is #42, I repeat NUMBER 42

4. Please click here to vote!

As promised, I picked a winner with Random.org from comments left confirming votes (I numbered them blog comments followed by FB comments). Sadly, I can't figure out how to 'print screen' from this computer so you will be forced to trust that Trina G. wins today's giveaway! That's right Trina, you can expect to find a super lovely craft in your mailbox in the coming days!

Same rules apply today; vote, leave a comment and I will see you back here tomorrow with another winner and yet again, another friendly reminder.

Come on! Do it for the kids!


  1. This is too sweet!!! A boy and his dog...cruising for home improvement supplies...

  2. Here I thought The Lovely Residence was getting political by reminding us to vote in the next election. I forgot there are more pressing elections happening! I voted twice. Good luck!