Stripes and Polka Dots

As promised, I crafted a giveaway to help promote the giveaway I was trying to win, as you all know by now, I didn't win. None the less, I loved the supportive comments and have finally completed the craft for my voting winners: Trina, Danielle, Kat, Tia, Kathy B., Kathy F., Tracy, Megan and Susie. Thankfully you are all female, as my crafts are not typically gender neutral and my giveaway craft is no exception!

Fashion is not my strength. When I do appear in a photo, I am usually sporting sweat pants and a hoody, which I call my uniform. At the beginning of the school year I carefully assess what the college kids are wearing, which is the very reason I own a pair of jeggings that I have worn once. This year french braids are back (I am going to sign Henry up for a braiding class) and neon colors- which is why I chose the bright green. It's hip people!

Getting on with it...when I was hanging out with my g-friends in Oregon we were shopping and I was pondering buying a jersey knit infinity scarf (oop, the secret is out!) My hip friend, Nicole, wandered over and said "I would never wear that because it's not double sided and when you wrap it the back will show." 

Wheels turning...

The winners listed above should start watching for one of these striped and polka dotted scarves to arrive in your mailbox! So darn hip!

For fun, jersey knit infinity scarf price comparisons...

$12.00 on Sale at Old Gravy

$4.66 made with love in the 
Lovely Residence's Crap Room

I love a deal!

P.S. Susie Mirabendini please use my contact tab to shoot me your address!


  1. Wow! I can't believe I had such an important impact! Great project =)

  2. Stripes and polka dots is really a good combination even in home interior design.

  3. lovee the green one! so cute and trendy!