We Over DIYed It

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Yesterday the Lovely's experienced something that we have never encountered before...We Over DIYed ourselves! We took on too much and everyone was crankier for it. 

We have been living with a roofing issue since we moved in that I have been dying (or DIYing:) to take care of. The previous owners left about a two foot strip of un-shingled roof around the whole perimeter of the house.

Ug, right? They called it an "ice dam," I am not exactly sure what that means and it certainly didn't deter our house purchase. Well, it has been buggin' me since the day we moved in. I think it is an eye sore and it looks unfinished. Not to mention there are gobs of colonials in Duluth that have shingles covering the entire roof. So, I did what I do best, I put my employee to work....and recruited a friend that I lovingly call my intern.

You can see their progress above and it makes a world of difference, in my opinion! This photo was taken last Saturday. This weekend our intern couldn't make it (I guess that's what happens when you don't pay them) so my employee took on the roof- alone, and I took on the little dude.

At noon, after working for 3 hours, Henry said it would take 5-6 more hours. At 2PM Henry thought it would take 5-6 more hours. At 6PM, you guessed it...5-6 more hours. Henry was exhausted and I was exhausted. Due to the commotion Oscar couldn't nap, no nap equals cranky baby and cranky mamma. This cranky mamma decided to whip up a pot pie for dinner...between the smoke alarms going off, Oscar wailing and the racket from the nail gun Stella reached her boiling point and took off. Seriously, I think she had a mental breakdown. Henry climbed down from the roof and Oscar and I evacuated the house and we started the search party until we tracked her down and promised her things would be better.

I love how it is coming along, but I tell you what, The Lovely's had a serious conversation last night about our 'Do It Yourself' limits! We definitely need to figure out when it is a better option to hire a professional in order to maintain our sanity.

I sent Henry back up on the roof today, but lesson learned...I am ordering a pizza for dinner! 


  1. soooooo lovely~ the back of your home kind of reminds me of the fancy house in beetle juice :)

  2. Poor Lovely's! And poor Stella, in particular. Good luck finishing it up - it will be worth it!!

  3. I don't think anyone belongs on that green ladder in the last picture, that's a little freaky! You know when mellow Henry has had enough it is time to ease up on the Honey-Do list. If he is looking for smaller projects, it is time to visit his western roots and I could give him a simple job in the California sun ;)

    P.S. - I've been voting. Missed one day, but I'll keep it up with a little reminder!!