Voting Home Stretch

You girls are so good to me. During voting week Oscar decided to go ahead and come down with the barfing bug. Selfish! Instead of diligently nagging you to vote for me, I was up to my elbows in sick stuff yesterday. Poor sweet boy!
Staying true to form, I thought, ooh I should get a picture of this to use as a plea for votes. Nobody ever said Oscar was going to live an easy life. Please vote for number 42! We really want Mandy to turn Oscar's playroom into something fabulous!

Just because I didn't show up yesterday doesn't mean I didn't pick a voting winner. Yay for Tuesday's voter Kathy Brinker and Wednesday's voter Tracy!

1 comment:

  1. Poor Boy, didn't he just start daycare on Monday? Gotta love that kids rather share germs than toys. I have been voting twice. Fingers crossed for a new playroom, winning should cheer him up :)