We Love a Contest: Epic Room Makeover

The Lovely's are wild about a contest...
Even the smallest Lovely.

Dear Mandy, 
Oscar here, I am one and a quarter years old. Some of my favorite things to do are read books, play in the sand and knock things over, I really like knocking things over.
My mom promised me my own playroom when I was born. A place just for me where I can get away from it all. I am tired of hearing the Real Housewives squeal about Sonja being a thug in a prom dress, I am tired of my Dad pulling me off the steps when I am climbing and I am sick and tired of my mom telling me "no no" when I touch her decorations, that frankly, look a lot like my toys. 

I need a place of my own, a place where I am free to touch what I want, climb on what I want and crap my pants when I want. Seriously Mand, here is 'my' playroom:
Awesome, huh? That play mat is so darn fun to play on and great padding for my knees?!? 
My mom is the sweetest?! Thanks for the snacks and bringing the outdoors in.

All the windows are great for the sunshine when it is 10 below outside, mom totally rules! Hey Mom,don't forget my sunscreen!
I bet I know exactly what you are thinking "ooh, where will I put all of Oscar's books?" My playroom does have shelves, obvious! 
Please, please, makeover my playroom for me.
I also want you to know that my mom has some great things for me to play with too. I know this because I overheard my dad complaining about how much space they are taking up in the garage. My mom said she needs to find the time to fix stuff up, we'll see, oh yes, we will see!

Mandy, my mom is great! She is super funny, she has an amazing singing voice, a flexible work schedule (wink wink), super hip dance moves and man alive is she pretty! I know that she would love to help you give me an Epic Playroom Makeover. Like the kind of love where she might kiss you all over your face until you have to push her head away and then she says "get use to it!" So annoying.

I'll be watching for you.

I will love your guts forever,

Oscar Lovely


  1. Adorable! You have my vote.

    1. Poor Oscar needs a place to call his own! That had me smiling big!

  2. nik, i am cracking up...a little snot bubble crack up. i hope you win!!! i think you will!!! i seriously do. xoxo.

  3. Oh Oscar, you are adorable! I would love to come and make all your playroom dreams come true!! Good luck sweetie pie!

    Love your guts

  4. Super fun post Nikki! I hope, hope , hope you win! I think Mandi hopes you win too :). Love, g.

  5. Oscar deserves this, poor guy needs some space

  6. I LOVE your house. Like...if I could make the outside of my house look like a house, it'd be YOUR house.

    So cute!


    1. Shannon, Ahh shucks, thanks for the nice comment! When we drove up to the house for the first time I shouted "we'll take it!" That was a lie, but curb appeal was really high on my criteria list!

  7. Room looks fine try doing some creative cleaning and he'll have an adorable playroom.