Every year I get together with my best girlfriend's from graduate school, Go Beavs! We met during orientation week, spent the next 2 years together hip to hip and now spend one wild weekend a year together. Not crazy beer drinking wild, more like eating, crafting and shopping wild:)

This year we met in Corvallis, OR, Home of the Oregon State Beavers on the heels of our family trip, actually BFF is the reason for the timing of the Oregon Family Vacay.

We met at our old stomping grounds and spent some time reminiscing on campus. 
We spent most of our time together doing what we did. Sam's Station was an old gas station turned BFF's favorite breakfast joint. Nothing brings a bunch of girls together like breakfast, beer, pedicures, shopping and a unicycler juggling basketballs! 
Another reason to love Oregon, there is a winery around every corner and that is not an exaggeration.
Jill was rolling in from Alaska with baby on board, so we threw together a baby shower cake. From idea to completion...50 minutes! You need something done...this is the crew! 
Did I mention we wear matching shirts? We are super wild and super cool!
Finally, a big fat secret from my past is I lived in a fraternity, I was a House Mom, and they called me Mom...One day I met one of the new Delta Chi recruits in the entry way and as they were walking away I heard one of the members say "gross that's our mom!" I took it as a compliment:) 
Of course we pulled up to my old pad and I jumped out for the photo op! I get cooler and cooler.

Cheers to another great BFF! 

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BFF V: Las Vegas, NV

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  1. Love, love, love! Especially the flashbak/recap at the end =)