A for Effort

Although I am not always able to get as much done as I would like, I am always suffering from the itch. Here are some of my most recent efforts, report card style.

Pan of S'mores- D-
The idea had merit, but the outcome was B.A.D. Turns out you gotta keep a good eye on the broiler.
I mixed up a box of brownies and as you can see baked it with grahams on top. Brilliant, right? Here is where things got sticky:) I put on a layer of little marshmallows, threw them in the oven on broil and took them out when the smoke alarm went off. Failed dessert and blog post...try it, but keep an eye on those suckers.

Shelf Paper- C+
The Littlest Lovely and I were browsing the aisles of the Maxx and I found an assortment of designer shelf paper for 5.00, so cute. I thought it wood look good on the backs of our window kitchen cabinets.
And I would probably be right if I had more patience and paid closer attention to details. That shelf paper is clingy and hard to manage. Plus lining up the pattern was too tricky for me. So I bagged the idea and put it in our drawers,  like the packaging suggests.
 Cute, yeah?!
Super cute if you don't look to close. "Good enough for government work..." Henry and I are both government employees, so that's my excuse:) The paper is just so darn clingy.
Big Room White Out- In Progress
I decided to hire someone. Just kidding, that's Henry. Of course, I recruited his help, but since the whole room, ceiling included is getting a couple coats of Dover White, I was really helpful- no detail work or precise cutting in necessary. There were even moments when I was armed with a roller in one hand and a brush in the other, Kung Fu Painter-like. The progress below is 2 bedtimes and one Oscar nap later. It's a big room and we still have another coat to go.
I have a good feeling this project will get a big fat A+. 

Does anyone else own coveralls?


  1. Chuba used to own a paint business and he doesn't even own coveralls! Was that your wedding gift for Henry?

    1. No, that was his wedding gift to me. I gave Henry the day off!