To Oregon and Back!

Call off the search party, I'm baaaack! 

The Lovely's went on a long vacation to Oregon, Henry's homeland and the magical place where Mr. and Mrs. Lovely fell in love! Smoochy Smoochy! 

For 14 glorious days of Oregon sunshine we packed in loads of family, food and fun!!!

Surprise! I brought the camera on this trip and I just picked through over 400 snapshots of memories *tear*. I am dying to share some of my faves and have decided to break it down in category form, I have been inspired by my Oregon girlfriend, Nicole, who color coordinates the clothes in her closet, it's a lovely sight.

First category, Introductions. You might burn out your down arrow, but just keep scrolling, there is a surprise at the bottom!

Henry's Mom, Oma to Oscar
Henry's Dad, Papa Eichman
Henry's Stepmom, Dina, Nana to Oscar
Grandpa Don, straight up- nothing fancy. Just two guys sharing a drink!
Great Grandfather Bill made an appearance from Denver
Great Grandma Sue entertaining Oscar with a picture of Oscar, of course!
This is Marylee. She is an appointed Auntie to Henry and now Great Auntie to Oscar.

You can imagine the hugs and smooches this little guy got in a two week time period. We are still trying to get the lipstick off of his cheeks! One lucky little dude.

Did I mention Oscar has a gaggle of step cousins on Henry's side? 

Introducing Oscar's Cousins:
Theo and Zach
Here is something you should know about Alexander...it took him years to save all of his pennies so he could purchase the Death Star Lego Kit complete with a 300 page instruction manual. Gulp, I was in disbelief and apparently still am!
A couple of these kiddos are from Denmark and the other two are from Seattle, so we squeezed them all together for a rare and good old fashion family photo.
All Dina and Michael's grandkiddos in one place- and on their best behavior:)

In between all the X's and O's we went on some adventures, took in the Oregon fare, picked up an old pal off the street and I ditched the fam for an annual gals reunion weekend. 

Stay tuned for more Oregon categories, introducing all the rellies gave me fingertip blisters. I'll be back tomorrow or the next day!

Here is a little present for staying focused through all the introductions. (Imagine how I feel)

Oscar's new trick, caught on camera!

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