Inspired by the White Walls

Considering I have matured considerably in the past year, I am approaching our newly painted white room (pics coming soon) with caution. Before I start pounding nails in the walls, hanging things from the ceiling and ordering new merchandise (Henry if you are reading this that very last statement is a joke). I want to sure that it's all part of the plan. So I clicked around the world wide web for a bit to get some inspiration.

I love Miss Mustard Seed's style. I especially like how she has pear colored pillows, because we have a pear couch to work around!

I am kind of sold on the jute rug. Henry is concerned that it won't be cozy enough to sit on while we snuggle up next to the fireplace. Really? Really? The truth is Henry isn't really sure what jute is so I tell him it reminds me of sticking my hand into a bag of cotton balls!

Love the organized clutter and get a load of that mirror wall...ahem, love!

I am kind of a sucker for patriotic/sailor colors, aka Red, White & Blue. Plus, I am pretty certain I am ready to trade in my big square leather tufted ottoman for something a little more woody. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that craigslist and garbage day are good to me in the next few weeks.

The painting is dunnzo and no regrets. If I was a good mom I would just move in gymnastics mats and monkey bars, but the above pics are so darn cute so I am going to go more that direction.

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