A new addition to our family

We have been living for the past few weeks without a couch, or rather, with an aero-bed as our main seating option, until Saturday. I traded vehicles with a student of mine who has a big truck that is great for hauling furniture. Henry and I set out on Saturday morning to fetch us our new sofa from the Macy's loading dock in the big city. We pulled up around 12:00PM, they loaded us up and we pulled out at 12:03 with a new addition to our family. Blog friends please meet Pear Sofa:

 Adorable family photo...
 Remember super soft, skirted, over stuffed Salsa?
New house, new sleek look. We just love Pear's vintage, clean style.

Here is the skinny on where Pear came from...I ordered Pear from Macy's. When I ordered the couch it was 699.00 with an extra 10% off for a total of 630.00 plus tax. A week after I ordered I was showing a friend the sofa online and it was on sale for 599.00! You can imagine my immediate panic. Fortunately, my more level headed friend told me to call Macy's and ask for the difference, so I did, and they gave it to me. Easy cheesy. Now the sofa was a mere 599.00 plus tax. Let's not forget I sold Salsa for 250.00, bringing Pear's cost down to  349.00 plus tax. Since we live in Duluth, shipping is always a nightmare and it was no different is Pear's case, 250.00 big ones. That's when I made the vehicle swap with a student of mine- 75.00 to fill his tank. Of course, we filled the whole truck to the brim with preplanned purchases, so I don't want to count the 75.00 in the price. Rather, it cost us 75.00 for a day of adventure!

You got all that? 349 SMACKERS for Pear! Booyah!

More on the living room progress to come...