Rug Fever

It seems I have a bit of rug fever lately. My original plan was to order furniture for the living room and then recuperate some funding to replace the big blue rug I sold. In true form, I was too excited, found something I love and ordered it.

See it back there? I ordered this 8x8 foot square rug from o.co (the abbreviation for overstock.com). It arrived last Friday and we wasted little time rolling it out! Instant love.
 The rug brightens up the room and is 100% wool, which I think is the most, soft, durable and quality material for the money. I buy rug pads for underneath instead of the non slip, super thin version. Just make sure to anchor the rug down with some furniture. Check!
On Sunday morning I was standing in the living room admiring our new purchases when I noticed some discoloring in the rug, only visible to the professional eye:) Had I not told you, you may have never noticed. I yelled for Henry to come and check it out. We twisted and turned our necks thinking it might be a shadow. 'Twas indeed a stain. Even though it was slight, I called o.co to tell them what's up. I ordered the last one in stock, so I knew that I would not get another for this deal if I sent it back. Our conversation went something like this...
Nikki: "Hi I ordered a rug and it has some discoloring in it"
o.co: "I am so sorry to hear that would you like us to process a return for you?"
Nikki: "Well, I would be willing to keep it for a discount."
o.co: "Oh great, we would be willing to give you 25% back on your card or a 30% store credit discount."
Nikki: "For real? I'll take the cash."
Isn't that incredible? The rug cost 324.99, see a my rugs cousin rug at o.co here. I got 15.00 off the list price because I 'googled' o.co coupons and found an instant 15.00 off. Plus shipping was 1.00! So, with my 80.00 discoloration discount the rug cost 243.00. Let's not forget my previous rug sale income of 150.00. Which leaves me with the screamin' deal of a $93.00 wool, 8x8 foot rug!
Are you wondering about the sheep skin? I threw it down for a fun element to cover part of the imperfection (that I know is there and will eventually be covered by our big ol' leather chair) and for Stella to snooze on. I neglected to remove it for the photos. It's cute though, huh?

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