Honey, I shrunk the rug?

A week doesn't seem like a long time, but with my current Craigslist success of renting our condo and selling our couch, I couldn't understand why nobody was interested in our 20'x8' foot rug. That is until Friday night rolled around...a guy made an appointment to come and look at the rug at 8PM, he showed great promise. I got another interested call at 6PM from a woman who used the words "I'll take it." I told her she could take it, but needed to show up before 8PM and that she did!

We rolled it up and hauled it out for 150 smackers right into our couch fund!

Now our living room looks like this...

Did I mention we had an identical rug in our dining room 8' x 9'? Are you starting to see a theme...
the stairs
the living room
the dining room
the entry way
 and I don't have a decent picture, but the 2nd floor hallways...can you guess? Yep, Navy Blue carpet.

I am so excited about making some extra dough that Henry thinks he needs to keep a close eye on Stella. Seriously, I wouldn't sell Stella?!

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