Drip Drip Drip

Since we moved into our house a little over two months ago we have replaced three faucets. Although, I think they were all ug, all three of them leaked. I admit, sometimes I forget the definition of want and need, but this was for real a need- I swear, even the fellas at Home Depot said so, a win-win. No more leaking and better looking faucets for everyone!

Faucet #1

The Basement Faucet. This faucet had an awful leak. It would fill a bucket an hour with it's constant dripping. Can you see it? This photo was not intended to capture the faucet. It was so bad it was the first home improvement we made back in December, so quick, I didn't get a photo. We Henry replaced it with a 22.00 fixture, cheap and effective.
Faucet #2

The Powder Room Faucet. This is the faucet I blogged about a few weeks ago. Check it out here. I know I didn't mention the leak earlier but this had more of a spray than a leak. When the faucet was on, a spray of water would occasionally shoot out of the side of the faucet through a tiny pin size hole. This is perhaps something we could have lived with for a while, had the original faucet had any redeeming qualities.
Faucet #3

The Kitchen Faucet. This faucet was no looker and had an awful dripping problem. If we twisted and turned it enough we could get it to stop dripping momentarily. Henry thought it might be an easy fix, but when he brought it in to show the guy at Home Depot his exact words were "it's broken in three places, why don't you just get a new faucet?" Plus, I can imagine his eyebrows were all furrowed up. You know, like why would we be trying to rescue this super dilapidated, cruddy old faucet? The answer, anything to save a penny:)
 oooh, pretty! Hopefully, the day will come when we have a matching sink.

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