A Splash of Rug

The color scheme in our kitchen is tan. Tan floors, tan cupboards, tan walls. I love it, when I am feeling a little chilled, I just go and sit in the kitchen, shine a light in my face and picture myself in the Sahara. That was a big fat lie. I want to paint the walls, add a colorful back splash, replace the counters and sink, and buy new kitchen hardware.
Until we can save up the pennies, I went a little crazy I bought this new rug for 40.00 at Overstock.com.
It's Houndstooth! Classic and durable. Plus, my favorite thing about the o.co (overstock's new website shortcut)...1.00 shipping! For now, the little bit of color warms up the whole kitchen.

I played on the green from our cheery light fixture and kitchen art.

P.S. If you could stick your head in this photo you would see our over flowing recycling bins, a couple of misfit shelves, Stella's giant dog food bag rolled up in the corner and a pile of refrigerator parts for our, you know, refrigerator.

P.P.S. You will notice I didn't mention painting the cupboards. The persistence of many has persuaded me to back burn my strong desire and try oodles of alternatives first.

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