Amazing Mirror Find

For the past 2 months Henry has been shaving in the hallway and I have been applying my makeup on the bedroom floor (ok, twice). Why? Both of those places feature a mirror. The folks who moved from this house must have loved their bathroom mirrors because they packed 'em up and moved 'em out.

Although the mirror situation was not on the top of my priority list, I was keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect fit. There was a few times I felt like a 200.00 mirror splurge was necessary, but resisted:) (Picture me patting myself on the back.) 

and then I ran across this... 
There is a little shop down the road from our house called Serendipity. It is an old house that two women fill with precious junk. Lucky for me they had this mirror on hand for 60.00!! What a find.
oooh, I can't wait to stare at myself later.

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