uh, is that your mattress cover?

That's right our full/queen down comforter exposes our mattress cover. I know, embarrassing!
Something had to give, smaller bed or bigger blanket. With the birthday money I received from Michael and Dina I purchased an oversize king alternative down comforter for a mere 70.00 at amazon.com! No no, King will not due- Oversize King please! It arrived a few weeks ago and I have been patiently (yeah right) waiting to find the perfect duvet cover, from overstock. It's arrived and it's just as I imagined it.

No sheets peeking out the bottom
 and no mattress cover stealing the show!
I love our new ensemble...but not with our new rug (that I had to have.) It is not my first and won't be my last lesson on patience. Also, you should know, to be fair Henry spent his birthday money at Ikea. Such love!


  1. Nice! But, I have to ask - does all the down fall down the sides leaving you cold at night?

    PS - love your blog, always smile thinking of Nikki saying these things out loud and cracking up herself 1/2 the time! :)

  2. Hi Laura! So good to hear from you. Good question...the comforted is quilted so the down stays put in the proper square.

  3. I have the same annoying problem with my Ikea duvets! Time for an oversize king!