"Let's Vase It..."

"my super savvy style has rubbed off on Henry." hehehe:)

Henry and I have a pretty casual agreement that gifts are unnecessary for most holidays (Birthdays excluded). We often just spend money on a dinner out, buy something for ourselves (I tag a lot of items as necessities) or buy tokens of love for eachother throughout the year.

Flowers on Valentine's Day are certainly not necessary, but "hey everyone look what I got"...

Not only did Henry pick up a bouquet of love he divvied it up and put them in my milk glass vases all by his lonesome! Sure, the flowers are nice, but the idea that I have succeeded as a decorating mentor left a little grin on my face for the rest of the night! Who needs a big fat bouquet in a big fat vase!?

It was an extra special Valentine's Day for the Lovely's this year!

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