A Beach of a Birthday

Some of my best gal pals visited over the weekend. It was especially special because it was Kat's Birthday and believe me, Kat's Birthday is a big deal! Last year a bunch of a rallied and headed to Mexico for the week to celebrate the beginning of the best year's of Kat's life.
This year, we planned on sticking around the Lovely Residence but I wanted Kat to feel the warmth of the sun through her special Beach Birthday Cupcakes.

 First, dye the cake mix blue, like the ocean...
 Second, dye 1/2 the frosting blue and pile it on. The bigger the waves the better!
 Third, make sure you add the sparkle in the water (sprinkle it on immediately so it sticks.)
 Fourth, there is no such things as a beach vacation without the beach!
Crumble up those graham crackers in a baggie, cut the corner and sprinkle on the sand. (remember, it will stick best if you sprinkle it on right after the frosting)
 Fifth, the beach necessities: beach chair and umbrella toothpicks, gobstoppers and sticks of gum.
 otherwise known as: beach balls and towels
Spring Break anyone?

P.S. I put some Swedish fish in the batter before I baked the cupcakes. After all, the sea is full of surprises!

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  1. Yeah!!!! I made your blog :) You are the best Nik and the cupcakes were awesome!

  2. My favorite is the "p.s." at the end. Swedish fish in the batter? Brilliant! :)