Room Layout

Perhaps some people use computer software to figure out the layout of a room and record measurements. I, on the other hand use a tape measurer, clip board, calculator, construction paper, scissor and a pencil. Good old fashion paper-doll style! The scale, 25"=1"

I have obsessively been shopping around for a couple of new pieces of furniture for our living room. The room is looong with two focal points: TV and Fireplace. So, the plan is to make two living zones: TV Zone and Fireplace Zone (clever names:) The distinguishing factors: rugs and arrangement. Right now, it makes sense in my head...time will tell.

In the mean time, I am committed to sell our Salsa couch. It is 89" wide, 40" deep and microfiber.  

Sorry about the sunshine. 
It does not get cozier than this!

and our 20'x8' rug. The rug is custom made for hardwood, so doesn't need a pad underneath.
If you are interested email me here and we can chat about the deets.

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  1. I did your exact room layout planning scenario when I moved into my office! People laughed about my little graph-paper office and construction paper furniture, but it meant moving the big heavy desk ONE TIME and being happy with it for 8 years.

    Sidebar - I'm kind of sad to see the beautiful salsa couch go. I hope it will find a good home!